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Product Name: Belly button ring with flower and meaningful gem

SKU: Belly-353

Thread thickness: 1.6 mm

Lock type: External thread

Type: Belly barbell

Placement: Navel

Length: 10 mm.

Material: Surgical steel

Is the item glued?: Yes

Coating type: Standard coating

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Flower

Secondary material: Brass

Is the jewelry coated?: Yes, the whole jewelry

You have a unique chance to dress up your belly with a ring that is not only pretty and feminine but also has a very special meaning. This belly button ring comes with a flower of a rustic look and is available with different kinds of semi-precious gemstones in different colors. Each of them has its own meaning.
The darkest of these is a kind of gemstone called Tiger's eye, and it’s said that it has the power to provide clear thoughts and a still mind to the person who wears it. So if you think this gemstone can help you, it’s the right choice for you.
If instead, you’re looking for a gemstone to help you improve your romantic relationships and overall happiness, we recommend that you go for the Opalite. It is said that this belly ring gives off positive energy and that it can help people with a tendency to depression.
Rose quartz has similar properties to Opalite, and it also helps to create inner balance and a deep sense of forgiveness. It has a calming effect on the most fragile people, and it's an ideal gemstone to connect body and mind.
And finally, the Turquoise gemstone, which has the same name as its color. Turquoise is a mineral that promotes positive energy as well as good luck, protection, and healing. It's said that its power increases when you put it close to the plexus, and that's why it is perfect for your belly button. 
Choose this belly ring with the gemstone you like before it sells out and have it delivered to your door in a few days.


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