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Name: Cleansing soap Tattoo Goo

SKU: Care-Cleansing-Soap

Type: Aftercare product

Content: 59,15 ml.

Number of items: 1 piece



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    To my shock, good

    Sad no one has made a review yet for this product. I used saline twice daily (Blue Wave's Medical Grade Saline Spray-Rinse). I would spray it on the piercing and let dry for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water for 10 minutes in the shower or soak my piercing with water in a cup. It worked fine and I never got any infections or irritations. However after 3 months, it began to dry my skin out a little bit, and the healing process was too slow (should of healed in 10 weeks) so I decided to get this soap. Now I soak with saline in the evening, then rinse my piercing with warm water once the saline dries. I soap my piercing with this soap in the morning. It contains olive oil which is not exactly very healthy for skincare (jojoba/emu oil is more piercing safe) however to my surprise, this has worked amazingly and keeps my piercing area soft and hydrated. Has not clogged. I have only used this for a week though, but so far, see good results. I had ooze and gunk forming on my piercings everyday for 3 months, but after a few days of using this soap, the gunk/liquid/crust has stopped appearing entirely. Please make sure to rinse your piercing area for AT LEAST 10 minutes daily in the shower. Piercing soap often is not rinsed out correctly, which leads to irritations, bumps, infections, etc. Will write another review if I get any reactions or once my piercings finish healing.

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    Ich benutze es zum reinigen meiner Piercings und bin zufrieden damit schnelle und einfache Anwendung :)

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