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Cuved barbell with spikes

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6 mm.8 mm.10 mm.

Thread thickness:

1.2 mm.1.6 mm.

Ball size:

3 mm.4 mm.
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Product Name: Cuved barbell with spikes

SKU: Banana-18

Lock type: External thread

Type: Curved barbell

Placement: Anti-tragus, Bridge, Daith, Eyebrow, Nipple, Rook, Snug, Vertical labret

Material: Surgical steel

Color: Silver

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Spike


Do you need a new curved barbell? This one is special, because it has spikes on the ends, instead of balls. Curved barbells can be used in different piercings, such as eyebrow, nipple, intimate or genital piercings because the shape fits the piercing perfectly.

This barbell is made of surgical steel, and it's available in different gauges and spike sizes. Choosing the correct gauge is especially important because it has to fit your piercing. The size of the spikes depends on your personal preference, whether you like more outstanding or discreet jewelry. 


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