Labret made in solid 14k gold

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Here we introduce the popular and versatile labret made of an absolute luxury material for those who are quality conscious to the fingertips. This labret is made of genuine 14 karat gold and is kept in a classic style, featuring a single little ball at the top. An excellent piece of jewelry that is both ever-trendy and discreet.
You can use labrets in many different body parts. However, they’re ideally designed for lip piercings such as the Monroe piercing, regarding Marilyn’s famous beauty spot.
A labret can also be the right choice for helix or tragus ear piercings, or anywhere else where both the length and gauge of the bar fit.
You can get this beautiful labret in two different gauges, various lengths, and sizes. You can choose the size that best fits your piercing from the drop-down menu above. Choose between 14k yellow gold or go for the more discreet 14k white gold.
Buy this classic piece either as self-indulgence or as a great treat to someone you care about.
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Labret made in solid 14k gold