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Product Name: Large captive bead ring with square bar

SKU: Ring-108

Lock type: Captive bead ring

Type: Captive bead ring

Placement: Frenum, Hafada, Lorum, Prince Albert, Septum

Material: Surgical steel

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


Captive bead rings are generally only a ring with ends connected by a ball. However, the one we introduce here is quite different because the bar has a square section. That makes the gauge size a little harder to measure since a round bar is easier to measure. That's why the sizes we offer are approximate. 

This captive bead ring is available in different sizes, with the smallest model in approx. 12g (2 mm) and the biggest one in approx. 0g (8 mm). The material is surgical steel, strong and durable. So strong that we strongly recommend that you get a ring opener if you don't have one. You may even find it tricky to take out the ball from the smallest model. Or it may be that here in the warehouse we aren't strong enough. :)

This captive bead ring opens and shuts with the ball, which is proportionally bigger in bigger size models. The ball has two small indentations in which the ring's ends are attached. In some models, the ball may rattle a little the first time, but once in place, it will not pop out. 


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