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Name: Nose retainer

SKU: Nose-153

Thread thickness: 0.8 mm.

Type: Retainer

Placement: Nostril

Length: 7 mm.

Material: PTFE / Bioplast

Color: Transparent

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


Retainers for nose piercings mustn't be worn permanently. You can wear them if your piercing jewelry gets lost or when you don't have a replacement. You can also wear them on occasions when you want to hide your piercing, such as work or areas in the public eye with clients who are 80 years old.

This nose piercing retainer is made of transparent plastic or Bioflex, and it consists of a single bar with a gauge of 20 (0.8 mm) and a length of about 1/4" (7 mm). It has a small ball on one edge, slightly thicker than the bar. This works as a stop, so it will not get out of the nose if used normally. On the other edge, it has a plate with a diameter of 1/16" (2 mm), which should be placed inside the nose.

If you need to hide your nose piercing or you just don't want to wear it for a while, we recommend that you buy this retainer today.



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    Piercing trasparente per il naso (narice)

    Remarquable si on regarde de près, mais très pratique et discret si on veut retirer son bijou habituel sans risquer que le trou se rebouche et ne pas faire d'allergies. A voir dans la durée si la petite "boule" à l'extrémité permet vraiment de ne pas le perdre. Rapport qualité-prix top.

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    Azért jól látható, hogy ott van, de a célnak megfelel.

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