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A barbell is a straight bar with two beads (balls) on each end. The bar can be measured by thread thickness and length. Normally, one of the two beads is fixed, and the other is removable. However, you can find a barbell where both heads are unscrewable. Mostly, they come with external threads, but there are some internally threaded designs as well. The latter are especially useful for nipple piercings for example, as they don’t cause as much friction on the skin. Barbells are usually used in a tongue, a nipple, or an ear. There are some surface piercings where the piercer will use a barbell, but it will be shaped differently.

A tongue piercing barbell can be made of metal, or plastic. Many opt for a colorful jewelry design when choosing their jewelry, and acrylic pieces are very popular as tongue jewelry. Check out these fun pieces on our website:

Acrylic barbell with glittery piercing heads

Surgical steel barbell with metallic-looking beads in many colors

Glow in the dark design

Pill in different colors

When talking about barbells for an ear piercing, we generally mean a small bar of about 6 mm in length with a closing ball in the back and a decorative front. The front can be a flower, a bunch of stones, or any other design. It can be placed in many piercings like the tragus, the helix, or the lobe.

Another kind of barbell is the industrial one, which connects two piercings, generally located in the upper part of the ear. These are some of the designs that you can use in your industrial piercing:

Arrow in three colors

Twisted design

Industrial with stars

Bar with beautiful tree design

A nipple piercing barbell can be a simple one, or as part of a nipple shield. Usually, a simple one made out of titanium is used to pierce your nipple, and later you can choose to change the design by replacing the heads with colorful, or textured balls, or get a nipple shield, which is a barbell with bigger spectacular designs on both sides.

Bar with spikes

Nipple bar with heart-shaped stones

Snake design

A surface piercing is not made with a regular barbell, although it looks like you have a straight barbell under your skin. This kind of bars, like any other, has two ends. But a surface bar has in fact the shape of a staple. It is connected to the heads in two 90 degree angles, allowing the heads to be screwed in each end. Currently we have these designs:

90° surface bar in different lengths

Surface bar in various colors

As you can see, barbells are very versatile piercing jewelry that can be used in several parts of the body. You can find them in all the colors, sizes, and designs you could think of.

Enjoy browsing and find the perfect piece for you!