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Playboy™ plug with bunny tail

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Product Name: Playboy™ plug with bunny tail

SKU: Plug-101

Type: Plug

Placement: Stretching

Material: Acrylic

Depth: 12 mm.

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Playboy bunny


Playboy™ girls and their bunny costumes with a sexy tail are well-known. Now you can wear this sweet costume in your ear gauge plug. The photograph in the plug features a sexy model with said costume, squatting and showing the bunny tail and her stilettos behind. The picture is taken from below, so you can notice her hourglass figure and her white color tail in the middle.

Below the picture, there's a text that reads Tails - You win, which is a word game referring to the coin flipping or heads or tails moment. The complete sentence is Heads I win, Tails you lose, said about a situation in which, whatever happens, you will win. In this plug it says Tails, you win because the tiny bunny tail can be considered a good luck charm :-) 

The plug is made of black acrylic, with a white print on the front, creating contrast. The print is protected by a thin dome-shaped layer of plastic that will help preserve this plug for a long time.


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