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Plug facet cut of turquoise stone

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Product Name: Plug facet cut of turquoise stone

SKU: Plug-79

Type: Plug

Material: Stone

Color: Turquoise

Depth: Various

Number of items: 1 piece


Organic materials, such as horns, bones, and gemstones, have always been the most popular. At Bodymod, we think that's because they offer a unique look, and this plug is a clear example.

This plug is made of a mineral called howlite, which has a white or gray color in its natural state with random black lines. A layer of turquoise color has been applied, which is the name of the gemstone in the same color. However, you can still see some white or gray hues of the original mineral.

The plug has a facet cut inspired by diamonds, which are cut from different angles so that they can reflect more light. This finish makes the piece look more original.

If you are looking for something unique for your ear gauge, this plug may be a good option. You can also find a plug in turquoise stone at our online store with the traditional cut.


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