Plug in acrylic with dome shape

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You finally have the chance to make your gauge look impressive. This beautiful plug in black acrylic has a dome-shaped design on both sides. The dome is almost as shiny as a mirror, making your gauge look bigger than it actually is. The dome has a slightly bigger diameter than the inner part that goes through your piercing, making the gauge look bigger. 

The plug is available in many different gauge sizes, from 4g to 1-inch (5 to 25 mm). It's effortless to put in and take out, thanks to a smart design with an internal thread that cannot be noticed when it's on. 

Besides, acrylic is a very comfortable material, especially for bigger sizes, because, comparing to other materials, it's exceptionally lightweight. Acrylic is a 100% nickel-free type of plastic that is excellent for cold and hot climates. Don't forget to add two units if you'd like to put them in both earlobes. 

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Plug in acrylic with dome shape