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Product Name: Plug made of acrylic with cannabis leaf in rasta colors

SKU: Plug-160

Type: Plug

Material: Acrylic

Depth: 13 mm.

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Hemp leaf


If you need a new plug for your gauge and you're reading this text right now, it means that you like this plug ;-)

It features an incredible marijuana leaf in rasta colors with fabulous details.

It's made of black acrylic and has the shape of a saddle, with no extra pieces such as O-rings. However, due to its shape and sides, we recommend that you don't use this plug until your ear is completely healed from the last stretch.

Acrylic is a very safe material and is especially suitable for gauges because it's very lightweight. For example, the model in 0g (8 mm) weighs less than 0.03 ounces (0.8 gr). 

If you have a Rastafari spirit or you want to show the world your love for THC plants, it may be a good idea to add this plug to your order.


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