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Plug made of horn with bone skull

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Product Name: Plug made of horn with bone skull

SKU: Plug-112

Type: Plug

Placement: Stretching

Material: Horn

Depth: Various

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Skull


This plug is both for men and women, and more especially, for transgressive heavy metal lovers. This plug, as the title suggests, is made of horn and bone - the horn being the material in contact with the gauged piercing. Inside it, there's a hand-carved bone. The skull is undoubtedly detailed, so elaborate that you can even see the teeth, the jaw, and the nose socket. The bigger the size of the plug, the more you can notice the details, but even the smallest one in 0 gauge (8 mm) is impressive.

Since it's an organic material and hand-made, there are no two that are identical. However, there's nothing better than organic material for gauges. 

It's available in gauge sizes from 0g to 1-inch (8 mm to 25 mm). If you need a sweet skull, hurry and add it to your shopping cart before making your order. 


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