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Plug with broken glass look



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Product Name: Plug with broken glass look

SKU: Plug-161

Type: Plug

Material: Glass

Depth: 10 mm.

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


The plug you can see in the picture is made of glass and available in five different colors. Actually, the glass is not colored; the small lines in it have been filled with colors. How did we do that? It's a secret, but all the plugs are made of glass, and the crackles are radially distributed. The best of this plug is that the surface is flat, and the crackles are not noticeable to the touch. And don't worry, it will not shatter. 

Since it's impossible to control the crackles in the glass, there aren't two identical plugs, each of them is unique. Some have a lot of crackles, and others less, but you can rest assured that you will receive it in the color and size of your choice and that you will love it. 

If you think that the plug looks heavy, it is not: the smallest model in gauge size of 2g (6 mm) weighs approximately 0.03 ounces (1 gr). The biggest model, in 5/8" (16 mm), weighs around 0.2 ounces (6 gr). So it doesn't only look fabulous, but it's also comfortable to wear. 


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