Seamless ring in 14k gold

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Keep it simple - that's the motto of this seamless ring that doesn't come with any fancy closure mechanism like locking balls or hinges. The ring is made of 14-karat gold and consists of a single piece that should be twisted open to slide it into the piercing. We tried to make the opening between the ends as small as possible, smaller than in the picture. The picture intends to show that there's an opening, even if the real model looks like an endless ring.

As mentioned before, this is a 14-karat ring that you can choose from different colors: the classic yellow gold, or a modern white gold. Both contain the same amount of gold; they only vary in color. 

If you're not familiar with jewelry concepts or you think the karats in this ring aren't enough, we would like to explain why it's 14k gold and not more. Pure gold is 24-karat, but the material is too soft to make piercing jewelry, so it would distort. That's why gold is mixed with other metals to make it more resistant. For example, yellow gold is mixed with brass.

The ring is very versatile, which means that it can be used in many different piercings - for example, some ear piercings such as the tragus, helix, or earlobe. You can also use it in the nose or lip. It can be used in all the piercings that fit the sizes.

To open the seamless ring, twist one end open. The hoops mustn't be pulled apart because it will pull your ring out of shape. 

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Seamless ring in 14k gold