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Product Name: Tunnel in black organic wood as a flower

SKU: Tunnel-25

Type: Tunnel

Placement: Stretching

Material: Wood

Color: Black

Depth: Various

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Flower


This black tunnel with a flower on the front side is made of organic wood, which adapts to your body excellently. It's carved in the shape of a lotus flower, a beautiful design for your earlobe. 

This tunnel is available in different gauge sizes from 2g (6.5 mm) up to 9/16" (14 mm). When you stretch your piercings, it's common to feel some pain or dryness, so we recommend using some lube or Holey butt'r in your gauges.

Lube will help the insertion of jewelry into your ear gauge, while Holey butt'r is an aftercare product that prevents your stretchings from drying and cracking.

Besides, using these products will decrease the risk of infections.

Note: Before using this piece of jewelry, it may be a good idea to clean off excess oils with soapy water and apply natural wax. Beeswax is especially recommended to seal the natural color and prevent the wood from damaging your skin. You will receive this organic piece in a raw form, with oils containing natural pigments to maintain its original structure.


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