Tunnel with layers

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This tunnel you can see here is not just any tunnel, but five tunnels for the price of one. However,  it's also true that you can't wear them individually, as they are welded together.

Each of these tunnels is made of surgical steel, so it's a combination of our Tunnel in surgical steel in different sizes. As you can see in the picture, the smallest model has only 3 tunnels, and the biggest one has 5. More precisely, the models that have 3 tunnels are in gauge sizes 0g and 1/2" (12 mm). The tunnels in sizes 9/16" and 5/8" (14 mm and 16 mm) have 4 tunnels. The rest of the sizes have 5 tunnels. 

No matter what size you choose, we can guarantee that it will look stunning in your earlobe. So if you're looking for a piece that makes the difference, this is definitely not like any other tunnel. 

MaterialSurgical steel
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Tunnel with layers