We started our journey in Denmark back in 2005. We hosted conventions, and an online forum, to create a transparent community for both professionals and people who are passionate about self-expression by decorating their bodies.

Naša vášeň pre piercingové šperky a rastúci záujem komunity nás viedli k tomu, aby sme sa zamerali na online predaj vysoko kvalitných piercingových šperkov. Päť rokov na to sa zrodil náš online obchod s piercingmi, Bodymod.

Our story

Bodymod, as a retailer, was launched in Southern Denmark on the 18th of January, 2010. Our two founders, Janus and Jeppe, had put much work into building the company before that day. They mixed the words ‘Body’ and ‘Modification’ to express their passion for decorating our bodies to our likings; that’s how Bodymod was born.

When the first orders came in that morning, they were thrilled to bits. Years have gone by, and Bodymod now is an established brand that serves countries globally - and in more than 20 languages - including The United Kingdom.

Bodymod’s journey started in a small room as an online community. From this little room, the journey led to a bigger apartment, then an even larger basement, after that to a proper office and warehouse. Today, the company is split for logistical and administrative purposes, the warehousing being handled in Germany, and the administrative tasks from Malta. On top of these locations, we have a lot of people doing supportive roles from all over the world.

Our promise

We inspire people to express who they are. We at Bodymod value acceptance, self-expression, diversity, courage, empathy, and originality.

We believe that the world would be a much better place if people would be more accepting of each other and value the uniqueness of others. We stand for equality, and we want to inspire everyone to be themselves and practice self-expression in any way they want to. Be it tattoos, piercing jewelry, makeup, fashion, or any art form.

Our team

Our team is what makes our brand amazing. At Bodymod, we are passionate about what we do, open to new ideas, and very communicative when it comes to problem-solving. We believe in synergies.

Our team is located all over the world. Some of our employees are strengthening the team from Malta to Hong Kong, or Sweden to Portugal. We mean it when we say that the world is our home.

Our commitment

When it comes to piercing jewelry, we like pushing limits. We offer many unique designs and several high-quality materials (titanium, surgical steel, 14k gold, organic materials, etc.) We strive to cater to people from all walks of life. Scrolling through our site, you’ll find the perfect jewelry you can use to decorate yourself from head to toe.

Our main goal is to provide excellent customer service and high-quality jewelry at an affordable price. We guarantee you:

  • Great customer service
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Secure payment methods
  • Secure delivery

Thanks for choosing us, happy browsing!