Terms & Conditions

At Bodymod, we always try to deliver inspiring pieces of identity to you and anyone who would be interested in body jewelry. But we hate long and boring legal texts. So we tried to keep this part easy to read.

Shipping & handling

We strive to ship your order within 24 hours. This goes for all regular business days*.
We try our best to serve you with appropriate shipping options. You can see these options and their expected delivery times by clicking this link. You select the shipping method you prefer at the checkout.
Note that the different shipping methods have different “cut-off-times,” and we always strive to prioritize them so that the maximum number of customers get their parcels fast. By cut-off-time, we mean that the different shipping providers collect the parcels at our warehouse at different times. Thus we pick, pack and ship so that we get the most parcels shipped with each provider, serving you and others as fast as possible.

Note that before we can process and ship your order, we need clearance from your selected payment provider. Usually, this happens within a few seconds, but our system will automatically cancel your order if it doesn't come within one hour.

*Regular business days are the days we have our warehouse open and the various shipping operators collect from the warehouse. It is Monday to Friday, except for the dates you find listed via the link here.

Handling of personal information

To place an order at Bodymod, we need certain information about you. Like your email, to send you the order confirmation and your delivery address to ship you your goods. These are pretty much standard and allow us proper sales processing. You don’t need to create an account on our website to place your first order, but if you don’t have one, an account is automatically created for you when you shop at our site. The log-in credentials are automatically sent to you after it has been created.
From this account, you can see the data that we have on you, and you can have it deleted at any time.
We do, however, recommend that you keep the account as it has some benefits. It lets you keep track of your orders and simplifies customer support, and you can control your newsletter subscriptions. And it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Besides the information that you provide us with, we also use cookies and track your behavior throughout the duration of your visit.
Cookies are primarily used to make sites like ours work. Without them, it would be impossible to remember what items you have in your cart. We also use them to analyze user behavior and improve website usability and optimize advertisements. So, nothing to be afraid of.
Finally, we also need these to prevent fraud. This is done by our automated fraud control, which measures risks and spots potential problems with accounts.

We strive to be fully transparent with all of our visitors. Thus we would like to inform you that if you accept certain cookies, like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok, we might transfer some information. The data we move to those will be masked (<hashed>) before doing so. In short, it means that we never share data about you that any human can read. This is because we encrypt the data with a hash key for your safety. The data will usually include your email, name, telephone number, what you bought, and when you bought it.
We sometimes, however, need to pass on data unencrypted. This can be a necessity for all online stores at times. For instance, we have to pass on your information to the postal service you chose to deliver your parcel. Or, in the case of a police investigation, we might have to hand over sales data to the police. These are all parts out of our scope, which is natural for any online retailer.

So know this: We keep your data safe. We only store what we need, and your data is only available to “need-to-know” staff and not disclosed to any third party without your consent. Thus we won’t let anybody else see or use your data. Your data is stored and backed up on encrypted servers and is fully GDPR compliant.

If you, at any point, would like to know what we have stored about you, please reach out, and we would be happy to help.

Returns, complaints, and defects

When you shop at Bodymod, you automatically get a 100 day return period. This return period is calculated from the day that you receive your order.

Don’t open the bags

Hygiene is one of our top priorities here at Bodymod. Thus we never sell any items that have been in the bare hands of another customer. We ship all of our items in clear, see-through, thin, sealed bags to ensure that you never receive an item that has been in the body of a stranger.
Because of our strict hygiene rules, you need to know that if you open any sealed bag, the item inside can’t be returned. The same goes if you try to modify the bag in any way. So you should always inspect your package carefully before you open the bag. We hope you understand why we have such a strict security policy, as you wouldn’t want to wear piercings that a stranger previously used.
You do, of course, still have a two year right to complain about the product and the mandatory six-month warranty as per EU guidelines.
If you spot a problem with your product upon receiving it, it is important that you document it and contact us before you open the bag. Then give us the notice immediately. This means that if you have not reported any problems with the products within 14 days of arrival, we will consider them to be delivered in full working order.

How to return

If you wish to return your purchase, please follow this link for instructions on how to do so. Do note that if you chose to return a product to us, then be careful about how you ship it back. Don’t reuse the envelope/box you received the items in. They are strictly for one time use and should be put directly into a recycling bin.
The air-bubbles are not strong enough to handle multiple shipments, either.
Thus it would be best if you always used new and safe protective packaging when returning items to us. Refrain from using thin paper envelopes, they're not protective enough. Well padded cardboard boxes are usually the best solution.
If an item is returned to us and damaged during the return transportation, we will not be able to accept the return of the item. Instead, you must file a claim with the postal service you chose as your shipper.
Note that you, as a customer, are always responsible for the cost of the return plus the insurance and tracking of the items being returned to us.


If you return items to us, we are always obligated to refund the money to the source from where it came from. This means that we cannot change the bank account of the reimbursement. We usually process any refund within five business days.
From the time of our reimbursement, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a week to reach you. This all depends on the payment method you selected and your bank.
You will receive an email containing a credit note once we process your refund. This can also be viewed on your account if the email didn’t go through.
In case you haven’t heard from us regarding a return you made, check your tracking code. If delivered to us, then please allow the above mentioned time to pass. Check your user account at our site, to see if the credit memo has been issued.
Unfortunately, if the return hasn’t been received by us yet, we cannot do anything to speed it along.

Shipping cost refund

There are a few details to consider when it comes to shipping cost refund:

  • If you order your products with one of our standard shipping methods, you will be entitled to a full refund of your order, including the initial shipping costs, should you choose to return your entire purchase. However, if you have selected a shipping method other than the standard, we can not refund you the initial shipping cost.
  • If you have decided to return some items, you should consider the free shipping threshold, in case you got a discount or free shipping based on the total order value. After the value of the returned items is subtracted from the original order value, the total order value may fall below the free shipping threshold. In that case, the discount or free shipping no longer applies, and you are therefore liable to pay for the original shipping cost.

As stated earlier, the cost of shipping from you to our warehouse is always to be carried by you and thus will not be refunded.

Product defects

If a problem occurs after you have opened the sealed bag, we would treat it as a regular product complaint and deal with it as such. Do, however, note that we do not cover damages that have been caused by the end-user, nor can we help you if you drop a ball or any other part of the item.

It is up to you to make sure that you don’t screw on the balls/locks too hard or too weak. You might end up breaking the jewelry or losing a ball, for which we cannot be held accountable.

Should it happen that you receive a defective product, do not return it without reaching out to our customer support team first. Returns of faulty items must always be pre-approved. If we receive a defective product that our team hasn’t pre-approved, we must assume that it broke during the return process and thus it does not qualify as a legit return. No refunds will be applied in this case.


If you wish to complain about our decisions and support, please file your case with the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution Center). This is an EU governed, impartial complaint authority that handles such cases. Of course, we would hate to have any support matters end here, but we also feel obliged to show you the options that you may have up front.

Non-deliverable orders

 It is always the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we have the correct shipping address provided and that the shipping address is fully compliant with the guidelines of the postal service of choice. This must be done during the time of the placement of the order. It is generally not possible to do so after an order has been placed.
This means that your mailbox must not be obstructed nor so filled that the parcel can’t fit. It should indicate the address in full and usually also have the name of the recipient on it.
If an order is not deliverable or collected by you at the postal service for any reason and thus returned to us, we, unfortunately, cannot accept it as a standard return. This is because we will be charged extra by the shipping company for the return. Thus we will have to cancel your order minus the return postage. The return postage is usually 10€ for a standard shipment and 29€ for express shipments.We can reship the order to you. However, you will need to pay the shipping fee for us to send it again plus the fee we are charged by the postal services for processing the return (it is normally the same as the shipping fee).

Order & payment

We try our best to make the payment flow as easy as possible. We also try to provide as many relevant payment options as possible for you, using the latest payment technologies to make it as smooth and safe as possible.
This means that we work closely together with the major payment providers in Europe, ensuring that you are served with the highest quality payment security.
If you choose to pay by credit card, we won’t deduct any money from your card until your order is shipped. If you choose any other payment methods, please note that they might come with a fee, which will be shown at checkout and that their payment terms are an individual agreement between you and them. If you have questions about a payment made through a 3rd party payment provider (such as billing, fees or any other payment-related issues), please contact them if you have any questions.

Product information

We strive to give you as thorough and precise product information as possible. We consider it common sense that if we supply you with the knowledge, you will be able to make an informed decision and see all the details before your purchase. Note that most products have a detailed product description and a technical description found under the tab named ‘Additional information’.
Materials like steel are manufactured pretty precisely, and it rarely happens that we give misleading information about them. But please note that sometimes slight variations can happen, especially when it comes to organic goods.
We are, however, humans, so know that we do our best. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or think there might be something wrong on our end.

Still have questions? Find more information on Bodymod Support