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Ear piercings

Ear piercing jewelry trends are always changing, but one thing is for sure: unique earrings have extreme popularity all around the globe. We have designs to suit everyone's style, from tiny and subtle stud earrings to massive ear stretching pieces. There are so many different pieces that can change the look of a person, or give an edgy feel to the whole outfit.

Earlobe piercings are the most popular. Hoop earrings and studs are the most usual styles, but there can be many variations. Earring arrangements are the new ‘it thing,’ which gives room for many creative compositions. These unique compositions and personalized designs are created by a professional piercer to suit your particular ears. There’s no limit when it comes to creativity, so make sure that you are satisfied with the composition, and are prepared for the aftercare process.

Cartilage earrings, like helix, tragus, daith, and industrial come in all designs, in various sizes and many colors. These pieces are becoming just as popular as the ones for the earlobe.

Ear Piercing Facts

There are two types of ear piercings. There are the earlobe and cartilage earrings. Getting your earlobe pierced is a relatively easy, quick, and pain-free process. Or at least less painful than getting cartilage jewelry. Both types should be done by a professional piercer who knows the craft and is cautious about sanitation. Professionals always use a special needle to puncture the hole. The needle is followed by a plastic piece that will receive the starter jewelry, which will be pulled into the freshly pierced hole with the help of the plastic bit. To finish the process, the piercer will close the piece, make sure that it is secure, and clean the area. And there you have it, your new ear piercing!

The healing period is different for the various types of piercings. The earlobe heals quicker than any of the cartilage designs. The healing period is usually 6-10 weeks if the piercing is cared for properly. When the cartilage is punctured, it needs 3-6 months to heal fully. Both with an earlobe and cartilage piercings, we’d advise that you wait at least six months before changing the jewelry. Premature removal of the starter piece could result in a lengthened healing time, irritation, and even infection. The best choice for your first jewelry is a titanium labret, as it is a very durable and hypoallergenic material that makes the healing process quicker and easier.

Where to buy ear jewelry?

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