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Circular barbell with metallic look acrylic balls

Select the gauge size you prefer. Remember that 16 gauge - diameter of 3/8" (1.2 mm - 10 mm); and 14 gauge - diameter of 1/2" (1.6 mm - 12 mm).



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1.2 mm.
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Product Name: Circular barbell with metallic look acrylic balls

SKU: Horseshoe-34

Lock type: External thread

Type: Horseshoe

Placement: Angelbite, Anti-tragus, Clitoris hood, Labia, Lobe, Lower labret, Septum, Snakebite, Snug, Spiderbite

Material: Surgical steel

Number of items: 1 piece

Is the jewelry coated?: Yes, the balls


Do you want a new circular barbell to give fresh air to your piercing? This is the right place. We introduce a fantastic circular barbell with balls of almost every color. These balls have a metallic finish that looks fresh and amazing.

The balls are made of acrylic, so we recommend not to over screw them or wash them with alcohol. The advantage of acrylic balls is that they're softer than teeth, so the balls won't damage them if you bump them. 

The barbell is made of surgical steel, a type of metal that doesn't release nickel particles. When you select the gauge size for your piercing, remember that you will be selecting the diameter of the balls as well.

The barbell with a gauge of 16g has a diameter of 3/8" and two balls of 5/32" (1.2 mm - 10 mm - 4 mm).

The barbell with a gauge of 14g has a diameter of 1/2" and two balls of 3/16" (1.6 mm - 12 mm - 5 mm).

The thicker gauge of 14g is suitable for lip, eyebrow, and other facial piercings. The thinner barbell with a gauge of 16 usually suits intimate, nipple, and other piercings.


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