Curved barbell made of titanium

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Product Name: Curved barbell made of titanium

SKU: Banana-13

Lock type: External thread

Type: Curved barbell

Placement: Anti-tragus, Navel, Bridge, Daith, Dydoe, Eyebrow, Frenum, Hafada, Lorum, Nipple, Rook, Snug, Vertical labret

Material: Titanium

Color: Silver

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


Curved barbells or bent barbells are universal, which means that you can use them in many different body piercings, for example:

  • Eyebrow piercings
  • Belly button rings
  • Intimate or genital piercings
  • Nipple piercings

This barbell is made of the best material that you can find, grade 23 titanium. Titanium can be used in all piercings, including those that are still in the healing process. 

Both balls can be screwed into the barbell and unscrewed.


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