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Imię: Fake plug in your choice of color

SKU: Fake-5

Thread thickness: 1.2 mm.

Lock type: External thread

Type: Fake plug

Length: 6 mm.

Material: Surgical steel

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple

Secondary material: Acrylic


If you're looking for a gauge look, but you don't want to have your piercing stretched, this fake plug must be yours. Some jewelry may look fake, but this is not the case, because when you put it on, it looks like real ear gauge jewelry. This fake plug is similar to a real one of 0g (8 mm), but you will only need a regular 16g (1.2 mm) piercing to wear it. 

It's available in many different electric colors, like real plugs'. When it's in your ear, with the two flat sides on each side of your earlobe, it looks like a real plug. Besides, it has an o-ring on each side, so it looks 100% genuine. 

The bar is made of surgical steel, and the surfaces are acrylic, so it's a very light fake plug. 


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