Hanger made of wood with crochet design

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Nome: Hanger made of wood with crochet design

SKU: Taper-28

Type: Hanger

Placement: Stretching

Material: Wood

Color: Brown

Number of items: 1 piece


If lacework or crochet sounds like music to your ears, you will love the design of this hanger. Lacework can be made with the art of crochet, and the design of these hangers is inspired by it. Lacework is a decorative tablecloth, and some people also use scarfs with it, or at least they used to...

But that's not what we have here! What you can see in the picture are beautiful wooden hangers. :)

This hanger is made of sabal palm wood (Sabal Palmetto), a dark brown type of wood with reddish hues. It's widely used to make piercing jewelry because its growth rings are not evident, and has a uniform color surface. 

Since it's an organic material, the color and surface may vary from one model to another, but if you order more than one, we will choose two similar ones for you. 

The hanger is hand-carved on both sides, which means that you can wear it both in your right or left earlobe. 

Note that this is not an ear stretching tool for your ear gauges; you should use tapers for this purpose.


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