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Name: Tongs for dermal anchor

SKU: Tool-19

Type: Tool

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Number of items: 1 piece


We present an essential tool if you have a dermal piercing.

Most people who have a dermal piercing know that changing the top ball can be painful when the bottom plate also turns.

Our body tissues wrap around the base that is under the skin, so it becomes a part of our body. However, when you turn the top ball, sometimes all the anchor turns. That's why these tongs are essential.

These are the thinnest dermal piercing tongs on the market, so they go through the top ball without any problem, holding the bar that goes through the skin well. The tongs are approximately 5.12" (13 cm), while the thickness of their bent plates is less than 1/16" (1 mm), so they will go through without problems.
So, if you know the problems that may occur when changing the top ball of your dermal piercing, you know that this product is perfect to avoid the pain. 


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