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The art of body modification has been around for centuries. But when it comes to piercings or other ways of body modification, it is only today that we have such modern supplies that allow us to have the safest experience. Having the correct piercing equipment is one of the most essential parts of creating body piercings. As one of the fastest-growing piercing shops online, Bodymod doesn’t only sell body jewelry but offers all the needed supplies and care items as well.

Where can I buy piercing tools?

You can buy them on the Bodymod website. Our collection of tools is perfect for professional use, but we also have those that you, as a non-professional piercing lover, can use. Read more about them in the ‘Essential non-professional tools you need’ section. We are eager to help you find the most suitable supplies. If you just got pierced, you can also ask your piercer to give you advice on what type of appliances to get in the future to take care of it. You can find the majority of the tools you will need on our website.

Are you a piercer and want to get supplies at the best price?

We at Bodymod love piercers and want to serve them with the best quality supplies. We only offer the highest quality supplies to make sure our customers have the most comfortable experience. Here are some of the supplies we offer at Bodymod:

- Needles, such as these simple sterile piercing needles.

- We also have various forceps, such as these dermal anchor forceps, which are very useful when changing dermals. You can get an excellent grip on the head and screw it off, then replace it with another design.

Essential non-professional tools you need

Even if you are not a professional piercer, you can still find useful tools in our collection, such as:

Ring opener - best used to open rings, especially very thick ones. Captive bead rings are also much easier to extend with this ring opener.

Stretching tape, also known as Teflon tape, is for people who don’t want to be restricted to the sizes of the stretching jewelry. The tape is thin; therefore, you can decide the size of the stretching. All you need is a tunnel or a plug and twist the tape around it as many times as you want to. Using Teflon tape to stretch your ears is a very different form of ear stretching. It takes patience and persistence. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love this method.

Measuring chart - comes handy when you need to know the size of your jewelry

Multifunctional tool - will help you open any jewelry and make the insertion process hassle-free.

The type of tool you will need to change your jewelry depends on the kind of jewelry you want to change. The above mentioned multifunctional tool is one of the most useful devices, as you can use it for most designs.

What should I use for dermals?

Dermals are a fascinating form of body modification. They can be worn as part of a tattoo design or just on their own. A dermal is a single-point piercing, as it is held under the skin with an anchor.

The steps of a dermal piercing procedure are:

- Sterilization

- A needle or a dermal punch is used to create a small incision on the skin

- The bottom half with the anchor is inserted

- The top is screwed onto the anchor, and it is done

The tools that are usually used during the procedure are a special needle (size depends on the location of the jewelry) or Dermal Punch, a dermal anchor inserter, and dermal forceps. We’d advise asking your piercer to change your jewelry after your dermal has healed instead of doing it yourself. This piercing is a bit more complicated, and you will want a professional to handle it.

What should I use to change a labret?

The easiest way to change your healed labret stud is to do it with a labret tweezers clamp. Wear rubber gloves or wash your hands with sanitizer, and make sure to clean the area thoroughly with Saline Solution. After drying the area, hold the back of the labret tight using the tweezers. Screw off the head with your fingers and change the design.

Stay Safe

We cannot repeat ourselves enough; the use of professional tools is essential when it comes to piercings. A hole that was created using a sewing needle and other household supplies can get infected or can become deformed, which would result in the removal of the jewelry or more severe complications. Professional supplies are made from materials that are not only 100% safe, but also explicitly created for this purpose only. All this to guarantee that the customers are safe and taken care of.

Use professional, sterilized tools, stay healthy, and enjoy your new body jewelry!