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Piercing tools

Apart from their beautiful looks, the greatest thing about piercings is their close relationship with a person’s body. They are more than accessories; they are a part of people. For that reason, the processes of getting a piercing or changing some jewelry are delicate matters and should be approached with care and attention. It often requires proper piercing equipment, and we offer only the best of the best for professional piercers as well as non-professional customers. These body piercing tools are essential for the pierced person's safety, so check out our selection and find everything you need to handle piercing-related procedures.

Professional piercing tools

The foremost piercing tool must be the needles that actually make a piercing in someone’s body. These need to be durable and precision-made for this important task. If the equipment is not on par with the artist's skills, the result will never be as good in either fashion or safety. Buy piercing needles in bulk from us in the size you need, and you’ll be set for 50 happy piercees.

We also have a broad range of forceps and tweezers to keep the to-be-pierced area in place during the actual piercing work, like foerster forceps for tongue or cheek piercings. Have a look at this tweezers set for a versatile mix of tools to help get some of the tricky piercings just right, such as ear, navel and nipple piercings. For specific placements, a receiving tube is also a piercing needle’s best friend as it prevents any unsolicited damage from unexpected movements or pushing the needle too far.

Most of our needles have built-in catheters to help you easily place the jewelry into the new piercing. But if you’re a fan of the classic piercing needle when working your wonders, you can still add a catheter to your needle and get the best of both worlds. Classic handling with maximum convenience when inserting jewelry. What’s not to love?

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Non-professional piercing tools

Most of our tools for piercings are meant to be used by professional piercers. But some are also useful for any enthusiast who likes to be on top of all things piercing-related. Such items include a handy measuring tool to know the size of your jewelry. Various piercing changing tools are popular, like special pliers for opening or closing captive bead rings and segment rings, which can be finicky to deal with. We also have a versatile multitool for changing any kind of piercing jewelry. These are very helpful if you change jewelry a lot or someday need to do it quickly without accidentally hurting yourself or your little darlings.

These tools are designed for professionals as well as any pierced person, which means they are easy to use - in fact, convenience is the whole point as they cut down all the boring or awkward aspects of having a piercing and let you focus on what’s fun.

Body Piercing ToolsBody Piercing Tools


What tool do piercers use to change jewelry?

It depends a lot on the placement of the piercing and the type of jewelry. For example, labrets have flat backs and usually relatively small decorative tops, so handling one is difficult without labret pliers that are both slotted and unslotted. Not holding the labret in place means it will most likely rotate inside the piercing as you try to unscrew the decorative end.

Another example is a dermal, whose base is placed under the skin, so changing the top requires a very fine pair of tongs to hold the base in place while the top is removed. Every piercing type is unique, and so the piercing equipment necessary for getting a secure grip on them, though usually some kind of pliers or tongs, is a little different.

What can I use instead of a piercing clamp?

If you need to change your piercing jewelry but you don’t have the necessary piercing changing tools, you must use your fingers very gently (!) and stop if it hurts even a little bit or if you have trouble accessing the piercing. We don’t recommend improvising makeshift piercing tools from everyday objects as they are not designed for the task, and you only risk hurting yourself. If you cannot change the jewelry by yourself, go to a professional piercer. You’ll be glad you did.

How do you take out a septum ring without pliers?

It’s certainly possible to take out piercing jewelry without any tools. We’re just saying that it helps a lot. A septum ring is usually not that difficult to remove or put on, especially not if the jewelry has a user-friendly closing mechanism. Most of ours do, such as a hinged segment that you simply open and close with a slight click.

The same applies to something like daith rings, another piercing sitting in a narrow part of the anatomy. As long as your jewelry is well-designed and you make sure to learn how it works before putting it on, you can change it at your leisure without pliers or other piercing tools.

That said, the very best tool for this particular job is a pair of surgical gloves. They take a little practice to use, but if you do, you’ll have a much better grip than with your bare hands, and, if used correctly, you don’t spread any bacteria.