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Circular barbell made of acrylic



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Product Name: Circular barbell made of acrylic

SKU: Horseshoe-20

Lock type: External thread

Type: Horseshoe

Placement: Anti-tragus, Frenum, Hafada, Lorum, Prince Albert, Septum, Snug

Material: Acrylic

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


This fantastic circular barbell is made of acrylic, perfect if you want a different barbell for your gauge. 

It's a large barbell made of acrylic, a highly recommendable and very light material.

Something to highlight about acrylic barbells is that you don't need to take them off before you take a bath or a shower, since you can wear them even when you're in contact with water.

This barbell is available in two colors, blue and black. 

Besides, you can choose between the following gauges:

  • 10g (2.4 mm)
  • 8g (3 mm)
  • 6g (4 mm)
  • 4g (5 mm)
  • 2g (6.5 mm)
  • 0g (8 mm)

Attention: Bear in mind that the two smaller gauge barbells have a diameter of 1/2" (13 mm), while for the rest of the gauges the diameter is 5/8" (16 mm). 

You can wear this circular barbell on your ear, nipple, or intimate piercing. 

Enjoy it!


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