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Curved barbell in large size and internally threaded

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8 mm.10 mm.11 mm.12 mm.13 mm.14 mm.15 mm.16 mm.18 mm.19 mm.20 mm.22 mm.24 mm.25 mm.26 mm.28 mm.30 mm.32 mm.34 mm.35 mm.38 mm.

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2 mm.2.5 mm.3 mm.4 mm.5 mm.6 mm.8 mm.10 mm.

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4 mm.5 mm.6 mm.8 mm.10 mm.12 mm.13 mm.
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Product Name: Curved barbell in large size and internally threaded

SKU: Banana-76

Lock type: Internal thread

Type: Curved barbell

Placement: Dydoe, Frenum, Hafada, Lorum, Prince Albert

Material: Surgical steel

Color: Silver

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


Finding large piercing jewelry may be slightly difficult. But we offer an enormous variety of curved barbells in different lengths, gauges, and sizes, as well as balls in different diameters and measures.
The high polish stainless steel makes the barbell easy to slip into your piercing, causing minimum friction when putting it in. As this is a stainless steel barbell, larger sizes are also heavier; hence, you may notice an extra weight when wearing it.
This curved barbell has the advantage of being internally threaded. This feature makes jewelry more comfy to pin in the future, as you will no longer have a thread going through your piercing and therefore scratching your skin. It's internally threaded, so the ball is screwed into the barbell.


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