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Nose piercings

Nose jewelry has a very long history. As far back as 44,000 BC, body jewelry was created out of bone and worn through the septum by the Australian Aboriginals.
However, the practice that has influenced the modern-day nose piercing is the 4000-year-old Middle Eastern tradition of nose jewelry use. It all started in the 1500s, when nose piercings have become a big part of Indian culture. Later on, over the 1960s, hippies who visited India started wearing nose pieces themselves, then it infiltrated the punk and Goth subcultures, and that’s how the practice has slowly spread around the whole world.

In the 21st century, nose rings are mainly seen as a fashion accessory in the Western world with little to no cultural or traditional significance. Today, the practice of wearing cute nose rings is also more accepted by society, just like tattoos, and other forms of self-expression.

The type of design you want to get depends on your personal preference. Nostril and septum placements are very popular, but you might fall in love with one of the other kinds of unique designs. When it comes to choosing your next design, you must think about what style would fit your face the best, and also your lifestyle. Because of the location, you want to make sure to choose one that you can care for and maintain properly. Here are some of the unique designs we have to offer:
Ring full of colorful stones

Simple titanium ring

Elegant pearl stud

Sparkly zirconia flower

What are the different types of nose piercings?

Unique pieces can be placed around the surface of the whole nose. However, the most usual locations are the nostrils, the high nostril that’s located a bit higher, and the septum. Furthermore, we have the bridge piercing, which uses a straight barbell situated between the eyes, and is visible on the two sides of the bridge of the nose. There are also nasallang, third eye, and vertical tip piercings.

As you can see, there are many types of piercings. You can read more about the type of jewelry you can wear under the subcategories above.

Where to get nose jewelry?

Buy unique pieces at Bodymod! You can find a lot of information about them on our website before purchasing them. We have a massive collection of cute jewelry
you can choose from:





Septum jewelry

How do I take care of nose piercings?

The aftercare process is crucial if you want to have a cute nose piercing without complications. There is a slight difference in the healing time of the different nose piercings. In this section, we are covering the most common design; the nostril. The healing time for a nostril piece is around 4 to 6 months. Meaning, you need to prepare to care for your fresh piercing for half a year actively.

The most important part of aftercare is keeping the area clean. Don’t get this piercing amid allergy season when you have to blow your nose constantly! Choose a time when you are healthy and can go a day without touching your face. To keep the area clean, use saline solution with a cotton pad, or soak your nose into a homemade saltwater solution. You can make your own at home, using salt and warm water. It is also very important to always wash your hands, and not to play with your jewelry. Applying makeup is also a no-no. Keep bacteria away, keep it clean, and you should be good. When the six-month healing period is over, and your pierced area looks and feels healed, wait another one or two weeks, following your usual aftercare routine before changing the jewelry.

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