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Nose Piercing

Welcome to the wonderful world of nose piercings! Here, you’ll find lots of great jewelry to express yourself and be seen for who you truly are. Our vast collection of nose accessories is a treasure trove waiting just for you, so go crazy and explore the many different styles available. You’ll quickly discover the perfect thing for your own personal look.

Nothing announces your presence like a nose piercing. Naturally, it sits right in the middle of your face and cannot help but draw attention. But it certainly is not imposing, we’d say rather elegant and chic, making your face glow, so go ahead and explore your nose piercing jewelry opportunities!

Nose PiercingNose Piercing

Nose piercing types

We distinguish between three types of nose piercing: nostril, septum and bridge. They all share that special artful vibe by which a nose piercing lights up your whole face. Beautiful nose jewelry emphasizes your features, especially your lips and eyes. It can single-handedly replace make-up or even a hairstyle - the right jewelry placed in this position easily forms a center of charm that radiates style to everything around it. Heck, even your friends will look better when standing next to you.

Each of the three nose piercing types also have their characteristics. The nostril piercing has the longest history and has famously been an important part of Indian tradition from ancient times to the present day. It sits in one of your nostrils and makes for a quirky, off-centered style, which is cute and formidable all at once. If you’re wearing a nose piercing ring, it circles around the upper edge of the nostril, but you can also choose a pretty labret for a more subtle, yet equally effective look. Both are very popular options, and we especially see many nostril studs adorned with glittering gemstones for an extra striking appearance. You can do no wrong with such a surefire fashion statement. You just need to decide which nostril to pierce, the right or the left. Katy Perry has hers in the right nostril, but Kesha’s is in the left - so what do you think?

Nose RingNose Ring

Although its history is less known, the septum piercing has certainly caught up to the nostril piercing in terms of how iconic it is nowadays. What is pierced is the wall of cartilage between the nostrils, allowing a nose ring or horseshoe to emerge from each nostril in a neat symmetry. This one used to be associated with the punk movement or bulls (although that last one is a bit cartoonish). However, the septum is incredibly widespread, and you’ll find a great diversity of people wearing it (have you seen how great Zendaya looks with hers?). In fact, it has become one of the most favored piercing types. As a sure sign of strength and independence, a septum can work wonders for anyone’s style, so you just have to be yourself.

Lastly, the bridge piercing goes through the nose bridge, if you hadn’t guessed already. Although you can technically wear a nose ring in it, this one is definitely for barbells. The ends of the bar peer out on each side of the nose bridge. So just like the septum, you get a symmetrical display but much higher up on your face. The bridge piercing often sits right between the eyes and is a fantastic way to make them stand out in particular.

Nose Piercing RingNose Piercing Ring

As you can see, with all these different ways of decorating your nose, all sorts of piercing jewelry apply to this general placement. And we have them all, ready for you to enjoy. We aim to be your favorite nose piercing shop, so we’ve done our very best to make your shopping experience unforgettable. Whatever design, size, color, or material you dream of, we’ll make it come true. Simply click on the various types and dive into the endless possibilities.

The latest trends in nose piercings

The nostril piercing is maybe more beloved than ever at the moment, and it’s fun to see how creative people are with their styles. Consider a high nostril piercing, which is like a normal one but a little higher up. Due to this position, rings won’t work well for it, but studs achieve a slightly more prominent look.

Also, some people are experimenting with multiple nostril piercings and may even place a ring on one side and a stud on the other for a superb visual balance. Or even two rings on the same side. Play around with mixing and matching, and create an ensemble that is all you.

When it comes to septum piercing, simple and delicate jewelry is trending, though spiced up with some surprising twist, like a literal twist in the circumference of the ring, the ever-popular spikes or just a funky ring shape, like a design.

If you’re more into something a little bolder, whether for the nostril or septum, check out our collection for more extravagant jewelry. You might just love this , which announces its presence.

Nose Piercing ShopNose Piercing Shop

FAQ: How to treat your nose piercings

What are the standard sizes for nose jewelry?

For the nostril piercing, the standard jewelry thickness, whether a ring or stud, is 0.8 mm. For the septum, it’s 1.2 mm. However, there is no set standard for the length of studs or the diameter of rings, since that depends very much on your anatomy.

Bridge piercing jewelry is usually 1.6 mm thick and 12-16 mm long according to your anatomy. Whereas the size of jewelry for your nostril or septum is mostly a matter of taste, it’s important that your bridge jewelry is not too long so that it doesn’t invade your field of vision.

How much do nose piercings hurt?

In terms of the pain of getting a piercing, the septum piercing is a 6 out of 10. So it does hurt a little, but you’ll get over it, no problem. Even more bearable, both the nostril and bridge piercings are a 2 out of 10, so there is barely anything to fear.

How long does a nose piercing take to heal?

The healing period varies greatly from type to type. The longest healing period is definitely for the nostril piercing, which takes about 6-12 months to heal. A little shorter is the one for the bridge piercing, 4-8 months, and the time it takes for a septum piercing to heal is only 2-4 months. These differences may factor into your choice of piercing, but you should really go for the one that speaks to you the most.

Nose JewelryNose Jewelry

How do I take care of my nose piercing while it heals?

First of all, you should clean your healing piercing carefully every day. We recommend twice a day. Use water and delicate soap, like baby soap or intimate soap, for one cleaning and a saline solution for the other cleaning, at a later time of day. Water and soap clean the piercing to prevent infection, while the saline solution helps draw out excess discharge from the wound.

Secondly, you should never touch your healing piercing, except when cleaning it, or let it contact other things, such as clothing. Leave it well alone so as not to irritate or infect the piercing, which will only slow down the healing time.

How quickly does a nose piercing close?

All piercings tend to grow a little smaller if you take out the jewelry for longer periods. After the healing period, they will not close up completely, but it can become difficult to insert jewelry later. This is especially true of the nostril piercing, which closes up very quickly if left to its own devices. After all, your nose is a particularly important opening that allows outside air to enter the system, so your body immediately goes to work on closing the tiny ‘extra nostril’. A septum piercing is not as quick to close, but it does become very hard to put on new jewelry, and you may need the help of a professional piercer to find the hole.