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Septum piercings

Septum rings are one of the trendiest kinds of piercing jewelry today. They can be subtle or very attention-seeking pieces. Historically, they date back to the warrior and Native American cultures. In many tribes, a septum ring had a significant meaning. A long bone through the septum jewelry was used to beautify, flatten the nose, or create a fierce look. Warriors would wear a decorative piece made of the bone of their enemies. They used organic materials to create their jewelry, like bones, wood, or animal horn. Today, we have a wide range of safe materials, like titanium, surgical steel, acrylic, or 14K gold, to use as septum piercing jewelry.

Where can I buy a septum ring?

When looking for your new jewelry, it is best to search online. At Bodymod, we have a vast selection of septum piercing jewelry in various materials and designs, such as:

Titanium horseshoe

Surgical steel clicker with beautiful stones

Simple endless ring in many colors

Colorful acrylic horseshoe

Matte black horseshoe

14K gold ring with sparkly zirconia stones

Where can I buy fake septum rings?

We have a whole category on our website dedicated to fake septum jewelry. One of the best things about fake designs is that you can’t tell that they are fake. They are easy and quick to put on, comfortable to wear. Fake jewelry can be a fun one-time accessory at a party or festival, or you can wear them daily to match your outfit. We have an extensive collection of fake ring designs, such as:

with chain design

How much does a septum piercing cost?

On average, it will cost between €40 and €90, including the jewelry. It truly depends on the studio and the design you choose. A titanium or surgical steel ring won’t cost as much as 14K gold jewelry.

How long does it take for a septum ring to heal?

The healing period is 6 to 8 months. Pain and tenderness should go away within the first 2-3 weeks, but your piercing won’t be healed just yet. Avoid changing the jewelry for the first 3-4 months to prevent infection or other complications. It would be best to wait until your piercing is 100% healed. Of course, you will have to follow the proper aftercare regime. Stay healthy, clean the area with Saline Solution 2-3 times per day, and make sure to prevent irritation. If you have to touch your piercing, only do so with clean, sanitized hands.

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