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Product Name: Ptfe wire - choose the length yourself


Type: Tool

Length: 50 mm.

Material: PTFE / Bioplast

Color: Transparent

Number of items: 1 piece


If you need a special wire and you like doing things for yourself, we have the product you need.

This PTFE wire can be adapted to the piercing by shortening it to the needed length. After that, you will only need to screw a metallic ball back into it. It's an easy and handy system if you need a longer or shorter wire than the standard size for your tongue piercing or belly piercing.

The price rate is for a length of 2 inches (5 cm). If you order 2 units, you will get a 4-inch (10 cm) wire that you can cut to your desired length. 

Note that PTFE is a hypoallergenic material that doesn't contain nickel particles.


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