Need missing parts for your piercing? We offer piercing components like bars, beads, chains, and balls

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Most people with a piercing know how annoying it can be to lose a ball, or when the bar you have does not fit 100% in length. Here in the Bodymod, we help you by offering a variety of loose balls and bars for your piercing jewelry.

Loose piercing balls

The many loose balls all have one thing in common - they are meant to be screwed onto a rod. Whether you screw the piercing ball on a labret, curved rod or a tongue piercing does not matter. When choosing loose piercing balls, it is very important that you pay attention to thread thickness and diameter. The wire thickness is the unit of measurement used when deciding how large the ball's thread should be, depending on which rod is to be used.

A smart trick for our many navel piercings is to order an extra top ball, with the same color stone as the main stone on the piercing jewelry. Especially for the navel piercings with pendants, as they come without stones in the top ball.

Loose balls are also convenient if you want to change up the design of your jewelry, but do not wish to remove the whole piercing. Check out these designs:

Simple surgical steel pieces

Glittery designs

Acrylic heads in different colors

Spiky design in many sizes

Loose barbells

In this category, we have a collection of barbells made out of titanium, PTFE, acrylic, and surgical steel. There are labrets, barbells, and curved barbells in many sizes & colors. We also have a PTFE wire, which you can customize to fit your body perfectly. Scroll through these pieces to see more:

Titanium labret

Curved barbell in different colors

Labret with inside thread and flat back

PTFE designs

Other parts

Besides piercing balls and bars, you will find some other parts as well on our website. Some of these are listed below. When choosing any of these replacement elements, make sure to select the right size.

O-rings in many sizes

Tiny rings for repairing piercings