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Product Name: Ring with twisted band and fixed stone

SKU: Ring-56

Thread thickness: 0.8 mm.

Lock type: Twist

Type: Seamless ring

Placement: Forward helix, Helix, Lobe, Nostril, Rook, Tragus

Ring diameter: 8 mm.

Material: Surgical steel

Ball size: 2 mm.

Type of gemstone: Zirconia

Is the item glued?: Yes

Coating type: Anodized

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Twisted

Secondary material: Brass

Is the jewelry coated?: Yes, the whole jewelry


A regular captive bead ring has a ball that is used to close the ring. The ball is held by the tension of the ring between the two ends. This twisted ring doesn't need a closure ball, but the ball works as a decorative element. The ball has a bezel-set stone that will always face the same direction because the ball is fixed in the ring. That means you can't take the ball out of the ring. You can open the ring by slightly twisting the ends in the shape of a spiral. You can see the ring open on the upper right side of the picture. Do not pull the ends sideways, in C shape, as this will destroy the ring's shape. Besides, do not grab the ball when you open and close the ring - it's welded, so it may come off if you pull it too hard.

This ring has a different design from traditional captive bead rings. The ring is twisted like a twisted rope. It looks great in the nose piercing, for example.

You can choose from different material colors. Besides, the silver color ring is available in two different stone colors.


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