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Product Name: Set of 8 circular barbells made of PTFE

SKU: Horseshoe-Pack-2

Thread thickness: 1.2 mm.

Lock type: External thread

Type: Piercing set

Placement: Angelbite, Forward helix, Anti-tragus, Daith, Helix, Lobe, Lower labret, Rook, Septum, Snakebite, Snug, Spiderbite, Tragus

Ring diameter: 10 mm.

Material: PTFE / Bioplast

Ball size: 4 mm.

Color: Mixed

Number of items: 8 pieces

Design: Simple


Get a set of 8 fantastic circular barbells made of PTFE in a single click. Each of them has a different color: you will not find two that are the same.

These barbells are made of fantastic plastic material, and besides being colorful, they are 100% nickel-free. So if you have nickel allergies or you think you could have allergies, these circular barbells are a safe bet. The bar is made of PTFE, which is a unique, soft, and flexible material. In contrast, balls are made of acrylic, a harder material.

Circular barbells are versatile because you can wear them in different types of piercings. They look great in ear, septum, lip, nipple, intimate and eyebrow piercings. The only thing you need to keep in mind is choosing the gauge that fits your piercing.  

You will not find a chance like this every day, so hurry up and add this fabulous set to your cart before it sells out. 



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    Musim říct, že vzhledově jsem docela spokojená, ale materiál je asi takový, jaký se dá čekat od akrylátu, hůř se zavírá, některé kuličky nedobře drží v závitu, jedna podkova je úplně ohebná jak z gumy, což taky není úplně ideál a bílá kulička se mi po druhem zašroubování rozpadla napůl :/ ale libi se mi, ze si muzu kuličky měnit a kombinovat dle libosti a i průhledná barva vypadá dost dobře.

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