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Horseshoes, otherwise known as circular barbells, are versatile pieces of jewelry. You can wear them in multiple places, such as the ears, nipples, nose, and even intimate placements. A circular barbell looks like a horseshoe, that’s why it’s also called a horseshoe. It usually has two balls on both sides, but it depends on the design - a circular barbell with spikes on both sides is also a popular choice of jewelry.

Circular barbells come in many designs and materials. Choose a titanium horseshoe ring if you are sensitive to any metals. We also have matte black circular barbells made of surgical steel. Another hypoallergenic piercing material is acrylic. The advantage of these pieces is that they are very lightweight and come in many colors. These colorful pieces come with glittery see-through heads. If you are interested in more luxurious jewelry, you can select a 14K gold circular barbell with spiky heads.

How to insert & remove horseshoes

It is not hard to insert or remove them. Horseshoes have two heads. At least one of them is removable. After unscrewing the detachable head, you can insert the jewelry by slowly sliding it into the pierced hole. Taking it out is the same process. Always make sure to have clean hands before handling your piercings.

How to measure the length of your jewelry?

When measuring a horseshoe ring, usually, you have to determine the width in the middle of the piercing. It is called the internal diameter, a straight line between the two furthest points of the inside of the horseshoe. You will find circular barbells sized from 6mm (1/4”) up to 15mm (5/8”). Besides the diameter, there is piercing jewelry with different thread thicknesses. Make sure to choose a size that fits your piercing. Ask your piercer what size was used as your original jewelry.

How to keep a horseshoe clean?

The most important thing when having piercings is to keep them clean, and the area bacteria-free. You can keep your jewelry and the area clean by using a Saline Solution. This solution is excellent for washing your piercings because it is gentle on the skin and the jewelry. Remove your circular barbell and wipe every part of it. Then tend to your pierced hole. Soak a clean cotton pad in the saline solution, and carefully rub the hole and the area. When satisfied, you can put the cleansed jewelry back.