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Horseshoe Jewelry

Elevate your style with new horseshoe piercing jewelry: balls, spikes, twister rings, and various sizes/colors

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Horseshoe piercings

Here’s a fun variation of the ever-popular piercing ring, and it deserves just as much attention. We’re talking about the horseshoe. A unique type, horseshoe body jewelry is perfect for you if you want to try something new for your piercing. Browse our collection of horseshoe rings to find just what you’re looking for. We’ve got jewelry in various sizes and materials, like titanium and surgical steel, not to mention plenty of cool designs. Go ahead and make a fresh addition to your personal style!

Horseshoe piercing jewelry is just like a regular piercing ring, except it’s not fully closed. As the name suggests, there’s a gap in the circumference, and this detail is enough to change the look completely. This jewelry type is also known as circular barbells since you might as well think of them as bars bent into a ringlike shape. Just like other barbells, the horseshoe offers two free ends to show off awesome decorations.

The most straightforward design has two balls that make for an elegant display, but others use more involved flavors. Almost as common as balls are the iconic spikes, but you may also fancy something like multicolored acrylic balls. Pick the ones that vibe with your dream look.

Horseshoe PiercingHorseshoe Piercing

When it comes to the choice of placement for your horseshoe piercing, this jewelry type works in all the same locations as regular piercing rings: septum, eyebrow, navel, nipple, lip and ear piercings - even some intimate piercings. So, if you have a piercing at all, there’s a good chance that horseshoe piercing jewelry can work wonders for your fashion game.

By far, the most popular placement for horseshoe rings is the septum. Having one beautiful decoration emerge from each nostril creates a strong look that really emphasizes this piercing. You’ll have twice the confidence even with the simplest jewelry design. If you already rock a septum, do not overlook the vigor of an awesome horseshoe.

A fantastic variant is the so-called twister ring, whose one-of-a-kind spiral shape takes up a bit more room in return for drawing more attention. This one works best in placements like the eyebrow, lip or navel that have the space for the jewelry to look its greatest.

Horseshoe Piercing JewelryHorseshoe Piercing Jewelry

Another special horseshoe stands out by simply being much larger. Though you can technically wear it in any piercing as long as your gauge fits, this one is ideal as a weight for an ear stretching piercing. Weights like this one serve to enlarge the stretching hole by letting gravity pull the earlobe down to create a more elongated stretching shape. This is for you if you would like a different look from the usual circular hole.

Horseshoe Body JewelryHorseshoe Body Jewelry

Since horseshoe jewelry is basically a barbell with an extreme curve, the locking mechanisms are the same as for other barbells. Most commonly, one of the decorative ends can be screwed off to allow the bar to pass through your piercing. Then, you just screw the end back one. What could be more convenient? On top of that, most of our wares are designed with internal threading so that only the smooth outside of the bar touches your skin. External threading would risk tearing the skin tissue and disturbing your sensitive piercing area.

Almost no matter what kind of piercing you sport, you’re free to try out horseshoe body jewelry today and find new ways of expressing your true self. What are you waiting for?

Piercing HorseshoePiercing Horseshoe

What kinds of horseshoes exist for piercings?

There are two basic shapes for piercing horseshoes: the circular barbell and the twister ring. But don’t let that fool you. Horseshoe rings are incredibly diverse in terms of design as their decorative ends can be found in countless different styles. Let alone the range of available colors. So take a look at the possibilities, and discover the favorites you never knew you needed.

In what piercings can I use a horseshoe?

Most piercings suitable for ring jewelry will look amazing with a horseshoe, including navel, nipple, lip and all the many ear piercings. One of the most beloved options, though, is probably the septum, and the open-ended nature of a horseshoe lends double the impact to this central facial piercing compared to a regular ring. A twister ring is not well-suited for a septum, but it sits wonderfully in an eyebrow, lip or navel piercing where there’s room for its eye-catching spiral.

Horseshoe Ring Horseshoe Ring

How to open a horseshoe piercing?

The locking mechanism of most horseshoes works the same as most barbells. One end can be screwed off and on so that the bar can be inserted into, or removed from, your piercing with ease. It’s really as simple as that, and the seam is totally invisible.

How do you clean a horseshoe piercing?

To clean a horseshoe ring, use a dry microfiber cloth that has not been prepared with any alcohol or other chemicals (so not the kind of cloth for polishing silverware). Wipe your jewelry all over, getting into all the nooks and crannies and always using a delicate touch. Regular cleaning keeps your darlings looking their very best, and as long as you take good care of them, they will last you a long time.