Simple septum retainer

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There are occasions in which you don't want to show your septum jewelry. But you also know that if you take it off for too long, the piercing can close up. With this small retainer, you don't have to worry anymore: you can keep the piercing and hide it at the same time.

A retainer is a piece that keeps a piercing. Since it's hidden, it doesn't have decoration: it's meant to be as simple as possible. This retainer, in particular, is made of surgical steel and it's hard to see when it's inserted in the septum piercing. 

It has a length of 1/4" (6 mm) and a height of 5/32" (4 mm), so it will hide in your nose. Besides, this model is available in different gauge sizes, so you can select the one that fits your piercing. 

MaterialSurgical steel
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Simple septum retainer