Taper c-shaped with double o-ring

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Nome: Taper c-shaped with double o-ring

SKU: Taper-3

Lock type: O-Ring

Type: Taper

Placement: Stretching

Material: Surgical steel

Coating type: Anodized

Number of items: 1 piece

Is the jewelry coated?: Yes, the whole jewelry


This C-shape taper is made of surgical steel and equipped with two O-rings.

The taper is designed to be used in the earlobe stretching, but you can also use it in other parts of the body, such as the nipple piercing.

The only limit is your imagination, as you can wear this taper in your gauge or stretching, no matter where it is.

Remember that it's not recommendable to use surgical steel jewelry if your piercing is not 100% healed.

You may have experienced how painful and unpleasant it is to have a dry stretching or piercing, that's why our lube and Holey butt'r are helpful.

Lube is perfect for inserting the jewelry into your piercing, while Holey butt'r is an aftercare product that prevents your piercing from drying too much.
Thus, you will also prevent infections that can occur due to the dryness of the area.

Everyday use

Occasional use

Moderate use

Everyday use

The jewelry is designed for everyday use. It is not likely to cause any irritation with everyday use.


Not for sensitive skin

For most skin types


This jewelry’s material is popularly used in body jewelry and can be worn by most people without causing any reactions.

Water resistance

Avoid water

Splash proof


The jewelry is designed to be waterproof. It is not likely to break nor tarnish when exposed to water or bodily fluids.




Can last a lifetime

This jewelry is durable. With proper care and storage it can last up to 2 years.

Ease of insertion / removal


Fairly easy

User friendly

It’s easy to insert/remove this jewelry due to its very user friendly open and closing mechanism.


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