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Product Name: Lube for gauges or stretched piercings

SKU: Care-Jelly

Type: Aftercare product

Number of items: 1 piece


This product is specifically designed to be used as a lube or lubricant, and we think this is the best lubricating jelly for stretched piercings in the market. 

Sometimes gauges can be painful, but you can avoid it with this product. You only have to apply this lubricating jelly in your taper and around your ear piercing or apply it when you are wearing the jewelry.


  • Sterilized packets
  • Not tacky
  • Water-soluble
  • Easy to use
  • Will not irritate the skin
  • Massage routine gets easier
  • Made in Israel
  • Doesn't contain latex

It's available in 0.10 oz (2.7-gram) doses, a sufficient amount to stretch several gauges. However, you must keep in mind that it's difficult to keep it once opened, and it can't be kept sterilized. That's why we recommend buying more than one since you will have to throw it away after using it a few times (and we recommend closing it with clips).

This lube jelly works great with another product in our store for stretched piercings or gauges: Holey Butt'r for aftercare. Besides you can also use this product to lube jewelry in other piercings, such as your belly button or nipple piercings.


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