Taper for stretching in your choice of color


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Product Name: Taper for stretching in your choice of color

SKU: Taper-6

Lock type: O-Ring

Type: Taper

Material: Acrylic

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Simple


If you want to start gauging or stretching your ears, standard tapers like these are a great option. 

This is a classic taper model to begin gauging. Tapers are inserted in the piercing and slowly pushed through for this to stretch. It's simple, but to do it safely, you should know about the procedure and the risks. If you're new, we recommend that you search and read about it before starting.

A taper can be used as a piece of jewelry, as well. It's not necessary to get a plug or a tunnel once you have reached the gauge size you wanted, you can also keep using your taper. If you decide to do so, the best is to use two rubber O-rings. These will secure it in your ear to prevent it from slipping out. However, keep in mind that it can be uncomfortable to sleep with a taper on because they have a pointed end. 

This model is made of acrylic. Note that in the picture, there are different models in solid and semi-transparent colors. Pick the color and the gauge size you desire. The diameter you select should be the one that you want to reach. That means that if you choose the taper of 0g (8 mm) in diameter, the widest end has that diameter. 

If you want to start stretching or gauging, choose the color and size you want and add this taper to your order.

Note: the purple color may have variations in tone.


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