Adapter for septum piercing

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It is one thing to have a septum ring; it is entirely another to have a septum gauge: an intentionally stretched septum piercing. Most septum piercing jewelry has a gauge of 16g or 14g (1.2 or 1.6 mm). But if you have a bigger gauge size, it will be hard for you to find jewelry. That's why we have an adapter for you. 

This septum piercing adapter consists of a single metallic piece. It covers the stretched piercing, except for a small hole in which the bar of a septum clicker is inserted. In short, it fills the stretched piercing.

It's available in different gauge sizes, the smallest one being 10g (2.5 mm). They share the hole's position and size: it's 1/4" (6 mm) wide, and the hole is 14g (1.7 mm). It's close to the edge so that the clicker hangs from the bottom part of the adapter. 

Keep it in mind that the hole is straight, so curved clickers don't fit. However, you can wear this adapter in other stretched piercings apart from the septum. 

MaterialSurgical steel
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Adapter for septum piercing