Dermal top ferido ball in your choice of color

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Now you can get dermal top jewelry filled with sparkling stones so close to each other that it’s impossible to go unnoticed. Dermal tops are generally pretty tiny beads, so it can be a good idea to decorate your anchor base with a striking design. This beautiful dermal top is very much right to it.

You can get it in two different sizes: either with a 5/32" (4 mm) or a 3/16" (5 mm) ball, so you're the one to determine how eye-catching it will be.

This dermal top consists of a small round ball with a whole lot of stones attached to it before its surface coating was stiffened. The many small stones are thus held firmly and almost molded into the surface of the ball.

There is a wide selection of beautiful colors that you can freely choose from the drop-down menu. If you want a neutral look, the clear, black, or aurora borealis stone colors may be excellent choices, as solid classics are never out of place. But if you want a dermal top with a little more thrill, you should take a look at the many other fresh colors.

Thread thickness1.2 mm (It fits 1.6 mm dermals)
TypeDermal top
Number of items1 piece
Is the jewelry coated?Yes. the whole jewelry
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Dermal top ferido ball in your choice of color