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Product Name: Dermal top jewelry with round opal stone

SKU: Dermal-30

Thread thickness: 1.2 mm (It fits 1.6 mm dermals)

Type: Dermal top

Placement: Anti-eyebrow, Bindi, Butterfly, Cheek, Christina/Venus, Cleavage, Dermal, Hips, Horizontal labret, Sternum, Surface-tragus

Material: Surgical steel

Ball size: 4 mm.

Type of gemstone: Synthetic opal

Number of items: 1 piece


Get yourself a dermal top that stands out with this beautiful round opal stone available in the most beautiful colors. The opal stone is entirely round so you can wear it underneath clothing, without the risk of tangling.

You can get this simple yet refined dermal top ball in four different colors: white, pink, blue, or green. In addition to its obvious visual differences, each opal has a unique meaning.

The green opal, for example, is said to provide renewed energy as well as strengthen the immune system. The blue stone should, in turn, increase your courage and seem emotionally soothing. The pink opal, on the other hand, is the spiritual variant that helps with a healing effect during meditation as well as sleep. The white opal follows in the footsteps of the pink one, but it exudes itself by creating positive vibration and creating an excellent inner balance.

All four stones are just beautiful, and they all possess unique qualities. The choice is entirely up to your personal needs and your taste.


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