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Name: Dermal top jewelry with stones forming a flower

SKU: Dermal-35

Brand: Bodymod Trend

Thread thickness: 1.2 mm (It fits 1.6 mm dermals)

Type: Dermal top

Placement: Anti-eyebrow, Bindi, Butterfly, Cheek, Christina/Venus, Cleavage, Dermal, Hips, Horizontal labret, Sternum, Surface-tragus

Material: Surgical steel

Ball size: 5 mm.

Color: Silver

Is the item glued?: Yes

Number of items: 1 piece

Design: Flower


You will probably not find another dermal top more refined and feminine than this one. Dermal tops often feature a simple design, due to their small size. But in this case, the designer has created a piece that exceeds all expectations.
This fabulous top consists of a flower with six petals. Each one of them features a bright stone, and there is a larger one in the center of the flower. The outer stones are held in place by a prong setting.
This magnificent flower is available in four different colors - choose the color of the petals above. The central stone comes in a different color to create the best possible contrast, and it's placed a little higher than the petals to provide a stunning three-dimensional effect.

Everyday use

Occasional use

Moderate use

Everyday use

The jewelry is designed for everyday use. It is not likely to cause any irritation with everyday use.


Not for sensitive skin

For most skin types


This jewelry’s material is popularly used in body jewelry and can be worn by most people without causing any reactions.

Water resistance

Avoid water

Splash proof


This jewelry is resistant to a few drops of water, but you should avoid excessive water exposure.




Can last a lifetime

This jewelry is durable. With proper care and storage it can last up to 2 years.

Ease of insertion / removal


Fairly easy

User friendly

It can be challenging to insert/remove this jewelry without the use of tools.


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