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Dermal piercings

A Dermal anchor is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful piercings you can get. And the jewelry you can get for this particular piercing is even nicer. The Dermal anchor has many different names. Typically you will come across names like Micro Dermal, One-Point Piercing - and of course the most famous name: Dermal anchor.

This piercing can be inserted on any flat surface of the body, meaning you can get a piercing in places that would be hard to pierce using a needle. The only visible part of the design is the dermal top. You can choose to get a single piece or create different arrangements using multiple dermal anchor tops.

Dermal jewelry designs at Bodymod

We are proud to have such a large selection of piercing jewelry for dermals. With us, you can find a large variety of jewelry in a sea of shades. So whatever you like, whether it’s dermals with stones, dermals in gold-plated colors, or something completely different, we have something to suit your taste.

Check out these dermal jewelry tops:

100% safe materials in dermal anchors

The materials in which our piercing jewelry for dermals is made are either surgical steel or titanium. Therefore, as a nickel allergy sufferer, do not be afraid, as neither surgical steel nor titanium emits nickel. Surgical steel and titanium are two strong materials that are very suitable for piercing jewelry. In our selection of piercing jewelry for dermals, you can only find jewelry made of either surgical steel or titanium.

Healing & aftercare

This piercing will require you to be very careful, not only during the healing period but also once it is healed. It can easily be caught on clothes, towels, or the like. Pulling the design can be very painful and cause your skin to tear and become inflamed. Right after getting it done, you should cover it with a Band-Aid for a couple of days to protect it. After the Band-Aid is removed, you should use Saline Solution to keep the area clean, at least once or twice a day. Our Saline Solution comes in a spray form, but you can also use a clean cotton ball to wipe the area carefully.

The healing period is between one and three months, but it can take longer. If your piercing is fully healed, and you’d like to change to a new design, ask your piercer to help and show you how to do it properly. Specific equipment is required for the removal of the head, like dermal forceps. First, the head is unscrewed and replaced with another. The anchor bottom always stays under the skin.

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