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Daith Piercing Jewelry

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Daith Piercing

There’s something special about this one. A daith piercing lets you embrace your whole ear as a memorable art composition unto itself. This piercing is located on the ridge of cartilage just above the ear canal, below the rook, so although it’s fairly small and unimposing, it places your jewelry in position for the perfect look. In our selection of daith piercing jewelry, you’ll browse many impressive items to bring your ear to life. With such a broad range of materials, sizes and colors, there’s definitely a treasure waiting for you. Discover it today and wear it for years to come.

Everyone’s ear is shaped differently, but for a lot of people, the daith sits more or less in the center, so daith jewelry naturally draws attention and bounces it back out to the rest of your ear. This makes the daith ideal for supporting other ear decorations, such as in the lobe or helix, which become like planets orbiting a life-giving sun. Kylie Jenner has worn such combinations to great effect. But the daith also makes for a strong display all on its own. Unlike some other piercing types, it does not leave much room for large jewelry, but due to the near-central placement, a daith piercing easily carries your whole look and lets you shine your brightest.

Daith PiercingDaith Piercing

The span of possible daith piercing jewelry includes small barbells, especially the curved variety, but mostly, this piercing is an awesome fit for earrings. A daith ring looks much bigger than it actually is when it fills out the inside of your ear cartilage, and because the circular shape mirrors the general outline of the ear itself. So even small daith earrings make themselves highly noticeable and convey a sense of making the most of a simple thing. A true testament to ‘less is more.’

So check out our diverse daith piercing jewelry and discover what’s going to take your outfits to the next level of elegant audacity. Looking for glamour and sparks? Maybe a ring with rows of shiny stones is the answer. Need a sweet little thing? Nothing beats a heart daith piercing for the cutest look in town. Feeling daring and experimental? Try out a cool pair of spikes. No matter what style you rock, a daith piercing is guaranteed to express your personality with a radiance beaming across the room. There’s a world of possibilities, and it’s yours for the taking.

Daith PiercingsDaith Piercings

Daith Piercing FAQ

How to clean a daith piercing?

It’s important to clean any piercing often and well during the entire healing period. But a daith piercing is particularly susceptible to infection if not treated properly since it’s a pretty thick piece of cartilage, and it takes a long time to heal, 6-12 months. Clean your piercing twice every day: once with water and fine soap and once with a saline solution. Do not touch or otherwise disturb the healing piercing except when cleaning it.

Piercing DaithPiercing Daith

What size earring is used for a daith piercing?

The diameter of a daith ring (and the length of a bar) varies greatly depending on your personal ear anatomy, but as a guideline, a measure of 6 mm would fit most people comfortably. The thickness of the jewelry is more standardized, usually between 1 mm and 1.2 mm.

Daith EarringsDaith Earrings

How soon can you change daith piercing jewelry?

You should only ever change the jewelry in any piercing once it has fully healed. The duration of the healing period depends on how well you take care of your new piercing, and changing the jewelry too soon will only irritate the wound and prolong the healing time. Your patience will pay off, though, when your daith is finished and ready to go for whatever stylish ideas you have in mind.

Daith JewelryDaith Jewelry

What is the best jewelry for a daith piercing?

Rings are definitely the ideal jewelry for a daith piercing as the shape of the accessory matches that of the anatomy. Something about that balance makes a daith ring seem almost the ultimate ear jewelry, period. But of course, you can also create a cute daith piercing with a curved barbell whose exposed ends gives you a completely different look to work with, such as showing off two separate flashy gemstones.