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Daith piercings

The daith piercing is another beautiful and delicate placement for ear piercing jewelry. In the creation of daith piercings, the crus of the helix is pierced. The daith jewelry most commonly used is a captive bead ring. It can vary in size, but usually, a smaller piece is preferred in this placement of the ear. However, some people might opt for a tiny curved barbell or even a horseshoe. Daith earrings are enjoying great popularity at the moment, and one of the reasons for that is the belief that they help reduce headaches and get rid of migraines. This is thanks to the placement of the daith piercing jewelry, trying to replicate the effect of acupuncture.

Cost, healing time & aftercare

The cost of this design is between €40 and €100. This can vary depending on the piercer and the jewelry you choose to start with. Many factors can affect how much you will have to pay in the end. The starter piece is usually a curved barbell made of titanium. You might want to start with a ring right away, but the best jewelry for daith piercing as a starter is a barbell because it heals faster and easier. A ring moves around a lot on its own, which means bacteria can move inside the hole, and slow down the healing or even cause irritation.

The healing time for this piece is between 2-3 months, but it can take up to 12 months because of the placement of this design. The jewelry mustn't be changed for another design before it is healed. You can help the process by using Saline Solution a couple of times a day to clean the pierced area. If needed, you can use a q-tip to get closer to the piercing hole. With the proper aftercare, you should be able to heal your piercing correctly.

Once your daith piercing is fully healed, you can look for different designs for a change. Bodymod has a fantastic selection of unique daith rings. You can choose between different shapes and materials, like the following:

When changing to any of these designs, you should be cautious of keeping your hands and jewelry clean. This way, you can avoid irritation and rock your new daith piercing.

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