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Industrial Piercing

Who can say no to a confident two-in-one piercing? The industrial ear piercing is a force to be reckoned with, unignorable and charming in a fashion all its own. Make yours stand out even more with our gorgeous designs. Choose from a selection of high-quality industrial piercing jewelry in the size, color, and material that suits you, including surgical steel and acrylic. Go ahead, and discover your favorites today.

An industrial piercing is truly one of a kind because it is made up of two helix piercings united by a long bar. The helix is the folded upper rim of the ear, and when spanned by beautiful jewelry, no one can to look away. The industrial is a unique accessory that demands respect and allows you to tell your story with a guarantee that your voice will be heard. One of Miley Cyrus’ fabulous ear piercings is an industrial, and even amongst her many other decorations, it truly stands out.

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An industrial bar piercing makes for an undeniable display of your courage to be yourself. If you are looking for a great way to prove the strength of your convictions, the industrial is perfect. And not only does this piercing type by itself create a solid image, but the right jewelry design can spice it up even more and fit it to your own personal style. The simplest industrial jewelry is a straight barbell, and this is a very popular, elegant choice. But you might also like something a little more lively, like the fluid shape of a heartbeat graph, or just a clever spin on the straight bar, like a cool arrow. Remember that you can also choose different colors, which completely changes the look of even the most basic jewelry.

Industrial Piercing EarringsIndustrial Piercing Earrings

By nature, industrial earrings are uncommon, but you can always combine more than one ear piercing to make something that is totally your jam. A great thing about the industrial piercing is that it’s already a double piercing by itself, but that only makes it all the easier to assemble a triple composition. Perhaps a small, cute earring is the perfect compliment to your bold industrial, whether in the lobe, tragus, or even the helix itself, right next to your barbell. Putting multiple eye-catchers together allows you to truly let your creativity unfold, and the industrial is such a distinctive piercing type that it works well with just about anything. Play around, and express yourself.

So take a look through our collection of industrial piercing jewelry and find plenty of fine treasures for the new you. Thanks to our top-speed delivery, you’ll be sporting them in no time.

Industrial Piercing JewelryIndustrial Piercing Jewelry

How big is an industrial piercing hole?

The standard thickness of an industrial barbell is 1.6 mm. The length of the bar depends on the shape of your ear as well as the exact placement you want.

Why are industrial piercings hard to heal?

The healing time of an industrial piercing is 6-12 months if you take good care of it. That’s because it sits in the tough ear cartilage, which generally takes longer to heal than the soft earlobe. Furthermore, the industrial consists of two separate piercings, which means double the chance of infection. So be extra mindful when healing an industrial and make sure to clean both wounds regularly.

Industrial AuskaraiIndustrial Auskarai

How do I clean my industrial piercing?

Like any piercing, we recommend that you clean each piercing of your industrial twice every day during the whole healing period. Clean them once with water and a delicate soap, and later, once more with a saline solution. Any discharge from the wounds is extracted by the salt, so it aids the healing process.

Always wash your hands before cleaning, and never touch either piercing at any other time, to avoid infection or general irritation. Improper care prolongs the healing time, so be careful, especially since you have two healing piercings to look after.

How do I change my industrial piercing jewelry?

Changing the barbell in your industrial works like changing any other. Begin by washing your hands. Then unscrew the removable bead and pull out the bar before you next insert the new jewelry and screw its bead on securely. Some of our barbells are internally threaded, which means they do not cause tissue damage when moved in and out of your piercings. Still, always familiarize yourself with the locking mechanism of your jewelry before trying to put it on, both for the sake of the small beauties and yourself.

Don’t change the jewelry during the healing period, because that would expose your piercings to the risk of infection as well as make the holes grow back together. Only change it once both parts of the industrial are fully healed. Also, never leave your piercings with no jewelry, even after the healing period, because they can still close up a little bit.

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