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Industrial piercings

Industrial earrings are one of the most unique jewelry pieces you can wear. Industrial piercing jewelry is an industrial bar that passes through two holes in the ear. This can be located in any place of the ear, but the most common placement is the top of the ear, where a helix and an anti-helix piercing are connected by the industrial barbell. When thinking about getting an industrial piercing, you need to know that you are getting two piercings done at once. You’d think that this will change the cost as well, but you will usually be charged for one, which can be €30 - €70 depending on the studio. Make sure to choose a professional piercer who has the experience and is using professional equipment. Never go to a piercer who wants to use a gun to pierce your ear.

Healing time & aftercare

If you choose to get the most common industrial design, which is two holes in your cartilage, you have to expect a long healing period. This can take up to six months or more. Make sure to carry out the proper aftercare regimen. You can use Saline Solution to keep the area clean around the piercing holes. Clean your hands, and use a q-tip to wipe the areas surrounding your industrial jewelry. If you feel the need, you can also soak your piercings, using a cotton pad. There are other things you can do to help the healing process. Keep your hair away, and try not to sleep on your freshly pierced ear. It will cause pain and irritation, which you should be avoiding.

Type of design

You can speed up the healing process by getting proper jewelry. Your starter piece should be a simple titanium barbell. Once your piercings are fully healed (after 6-8 months), you can look for other designs to change them. Buying your industrial earrings online at Bodymod is a great idea, as we have the highest quality, most unique designs. We stock pieces like these:

Arrow bar in three colors

Heartbeat in five colors

Barbell with beautiful leaves

Changing your jewelry should not be a hard procedure, but if you feel uncertain, you can always ask your piercer to help and show you how to do it. Both sides of the barbell are unscrewable. After cleaning your hands, you can unscrew one of the sides and carefully pull the bar out. Inserting the new design should be just as easy. Always make sure to clean your hands and jewelry before putting it on, to avoid transferring bacteria to your piercings. If you take care of them correctly, you should have a fantastic experience and a lot of fun with your new industrial piercing.

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