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Lobe piercings

Lobe earrings are one of the most common jewelry types out there. There are two types of earlobe piercings; the lobe, and the upper lobe. The earlobe piercing usually holds a single piece of jewelry but if you have upper earlobe piercings, you can have up to four pieces decorating your lobe. Everyone has different anatomy, which will determine how many pieces you can get in your ear. They are usually part of the now trendy earring arrangements.

When it comes to designs, your options are endless. Especially if you choose to get your new earrings from Bodymod, as we have various materials, sizes, colors, and styles. You can select a labret, a ring, curved barbells, or horseshoes for your ears, like these:

Piercing process

When getting your ears pierced, you have two options. You can get it done with a gun or a needle. We would always advise you to go to a professional piercer who uses special piercing needles, instead of going to a jewelry shop where they do them with a gun. You will have a smoother healing process if you get it done by a professional piercer with a needle.

Healing & aftercare

An earlobe piercing will heal quickly and easily. The general healing period is between 6 and 10 weeks, meaning you can comfortably change your design after ten weeks. To help the healing process, use Saline Solution to spray your ear daily. If it feels irritated, you can soak your ear in the solution by filling a small glass with it and dipping your piercing in it. Leave it in as long as you want. If you suspect that you have an infection, try one of our stronger aftercare solutions to treat the infection. Make sure to handle your piercings with clean hands only. Try not to move your jewelry around, and don’t put pressure on it. If you have long hair, pull it back into a ponytail. If you feel like you cannot treat your infected piercing properly, seek advice from your piercer.

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