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Rook Piercing Jewelry

High-Quality Rook Piercing Jewelry

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Rook Piercing

This is one of the rarer piercing types, but it has so much potential. Its unique look sets you apart from the crowd and lets you tell your story with impact. We have a great range of beautiful rook piercing jewelry in various designs, materials and sizes, from small 14K gold rings to large titanium studs. So whether you want to elevate your go-to style or experiment with a whole new look, we’ve got something for you. Go ahead and explore!

A rook piercing sits on the uppermost piece of cartilage on the inside of your ear, between the helix and the daith. This high spot lifts your rook jewelry to a position that demands respect without being too exposed and attention-seeking. It is sure to be noticed but also has an air of elegance about it. Like other cartilage piercing types, the rook tends to express itself with subtlety while being no less impressive.

If you have long hair, the rook is easily hidden when your hair is down. That way, you can decide to save the bling for the right moment or let it be a slow burn to take people’s breath away, one teasing glimpse at a time. But even with done-up or short hair, your rook jewelry packs a punch and will definitely make people look twice.

All ear piercing types have become very popular, yet a rook piercing is slightly less common than the similar daith piercing, and this fact is another great reason to choose the rook. It shows that you dare to walk your own path and make your own style. Any kind of jewelry can be worn as an awesome statement piece when placed in a rook piercing, and at the same time, it has all the gentle charm of any other cartilage piercing. No matter if you want to roar like a lion or sing like a bird, the rook piercing is perfect for you. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it!

Rook PiercingRook Piercing

Because the rook piercing goes through a ridge, you can fit most types of jewelry, like rings and curved barbells. Due to its higher position, the rook tends to afford a little more space than a daith or tragus (depending on the exact shape of your ear, of course), allowing you to show off larger rook earrings and longer bars, if that is what you fancy.

From our diverse collection of rook jewelry, many of our bestsellers are pretty simple rook rings displaying grace and confidence. Choose your favorite color and size for a seamless ring or opal stone, or check out the boldness of a . Of course, if you’re more into glitter and dazzle, an art deco labret is just the thing for you. The range of options for your unique rook style is limitless, so dive into our selection today and resurface with a head full of new, exciting ideas. Thanks to our fast delivery, you’ll be trying them out straight away. Enjoy!

Piercing RookPiercing Rook

How long does a rook piercing take to heal?

The ridge on which the rook is located is fairly thick, so it will take longer to heal. The healing time of your rook piercing is 6-12 months with proper care.

During this time, do not sleep on the pierced ear or in any way touch the healing piercing because it is easily irritated or infected. Only touch your piercing when cleaning it, which you should do twice every day for the entire healing period: once with water and a fine soap and once with a saline solution.

Rook PiercingsRook Piercings

What do I need to know before getting a rook piercing?

A rook piercing can be hard to make because the cartilage to be pierced is thick and difficult to hold in place. For that reason, a rook piercing hurts more than its counterparts, like the daith. On a 1-10 scale, the pain is a 6 - so not unbearable, but you will certainly feel it.

Also, while your rook piercing heals, you should wear fairly small jewelry that is not easily disturbed and moved around, so avoid rings or long bars to begin with. Later, when it is fully healed, you can wear whatever you want.

Rook Piercing JewelryRook Piercing Jewelry

What kind of jewelry is great for a rook piercing?

The rook looks fantastic with any kind of ear piercing jewelry. Captive bead rings, curved barbells, gemstones, spikes, filigree, anything your fashion heart desires. Most of our jewelry is made with very user-friendly locking mechanisms, enabling you to change your vibe as often as you like and try out many different variations of your own personal expression.

Rook PeircingRook Peircing

What does a rook piercing help with?

Some say that ear piercings like rook and daith help to treat the pain of migraine headaches. There is no evidence of this so far, but it is speculated that the effects of these piercings are comparable to the effects of acupuncture - or it may be some kind of placebo. We do not know if getting a rook piercing genuinely helps you ease migraines, and we do not recommend that you get one for that purpose. But we must say it is interesting, right?