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Rook piercings

With the popularity of ear jewelry, came the trendiness of the rook. The rook is a cartilage piercing, done vertically, allowing a two-sided piercing design to show. Rook pieces are dainty accessories for the ridge located in the upper ear, between the outer ear and the inner conch. The most favorable rook jewelry types are rings, curved barbells, or pieces such as heart-shaped ring. It’s really a matter of personal taste what type of jewelry will be inserted after your piercing is completely healed. We stock all types of beautiful designs that you can use as rook jewelry, so you can choose the perfect piece for yourself.

Simple rose gold curved barbell

Moon-shaped ring with tiny zirconia stone

Elegant curved barbell with shiny stones

Heart-shaped jewelry in many color variations

Piercing process, healing time & more

Although this piercing might seem to be a bit more complicated to do, an experienced piercer can easily, and safely do it. This is why it is very important to choose a studio and a piercer you trust and know that they have many years of experience. The pain level should be the same as with other cartilage piercings - a pinch, then some tugging when the jewelry is inserted. It should be a quick and easy process, and you’ll be able to rock your rook in just a couple of minutes.

Because of the location, the healing time of a rook ear piercing might be a bit more complicated than in other placements. As with other cartilage piercings, it will take between six and twelve months for your body to heal. It can depend on a lot of things, and some people just heal faster than others. You must leave your rook alone. Avoid touching it, moving it, or causing any type of trauma to the area. Try and sleep on your other side, so your piercing can heal without being irritated. As with all piercings, you can help your piercing to heal faster and better by following a good aftercare regimen. The best way to go is using Saline Solution a couple of times a day, not moving the rook jewelry around, and letting your body heal. If you experience anything out of the ordinary, or just have questions, contact your piercing studio. They should be able to provide you with answers and additional help.

Many designs can be worn as rook jewelry, but the most common one is a curved barbell. This is the easiest for your body to heal, as it doesn’t move around as a ring would. Even if you want to start out with a ring, consider choosing a curved barbell. There are many different and cool designs, and you might fall in love with it once it’s in your ear. After your rook piercing is healed properly, you’ll be able to change to any design you desire. You can find rings with a smaller diameter, which will look amazing. If you don’t feel comfortable changing your piercing, ask your piercer. This way you can make sure your that the piece you choose has the perfect size and is inserted without causing trauma to the area.

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