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Nipple piercings

Nipple piercing jewelry is a very cool addition to someone’s style. They have become extremely popular after stars like Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner showed off their pierced breasts decorated with jewelry. They are not always visible but can peak through clothing if you wear certain materials. Having this piercing can be sensual but also pretty badass.

Nipples can be pierced in different ways, such as vertical, horizontal, or any other direction. The most popular positioning is the horizontal piercing. It is equally trendy to pierce just one or both sides. It all depends on your personal preference and how much pain you can endure. Some say that breast piercings are very painful; some report no extreme pain. One thing is for sure. It is a rapid process; therefore, you won’t be in pain for a long time. Regarding the change in breast sensitivity, there is no general opinion. You will most likely feel sexier, and that’s enough to have better experiences with your partner.

Where to buy nipple jewelry?

You can buy them online at Bodymod! You can browse through an extensive collection of piercing jewelry. To make it even simpler, you can click on the different categories to find your new, favorite piece:





Straight barbells

Curved barbells

14K Gold

Your piercer will probably advise a straight barbell as your starter jewelry. These pieces heal the easiest, as they don’t move around as much as a hoop. Designs, like this spiked barbell, are very trendy. Arrows are also fun and exciting as nipple jewelry. If you don’t mind spending a more significant amount of money, you can get yourself a beautiful 14K gold nipple barbell with crystal flowers.

How long is the healing time?

Usually, it takes six months to a year for nipple piercings to heal entirely. It could take even longer than a year, but don’t get discouraged. After the first 10-12 weeks, you should be pain-free. Some things to keep in mind before getting pierced:

- You will experience swelling in the first few days

- Don’t touch or let anyone else touch your freshly pierced area (no tugging, twisting, or any touching)

- If you must wear a bra, wear a soft, cotton material that won’t put tension on your breasts

- Keep your piercing clean with gentle soap and warm water

- Do a saltwater soak to help the healing process

- Almost all types of nipples can be pierced

- The hole closes up very quickly after removing the jewelry

- Choose a straight titanium barbell as your starter jewelry

- Breastfeeding is still possible

- Closed-up and healed nipples can be re-pierced later on without complications

How much do they cost?

The cost can vary depending on the studio, whether you want both sides pierced, and the type of design you choose. However, it will probably start at around €30 per side. Get informed about the prices beforehand, as it can be different from studio to studio. If you choose gold or platinum materials, the cost can be in the range of €1000.

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