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Piercing Stretching

A great collection of plugs, tunnels & tapers


Ear stretching is a form of body modification that has been done for centuries. In many cultures, the ears and the stretching of the earlobes have significant meaning. In today’s society, like many other things, ear gauges have become more of a form of self-expression or merely a fashion statement.

Plugs & tunnels

Plugs and tunnels are very similar pieces of stretching jewelry. The only difference between them is that plugs are solid, while tunnels are hollow in the middle. This results in many different jewelry designs and styles.

Plugs are usually heavier than tunnels, and they can be made out of several materials, such as surgical steel, silicone, acrylic, or trendy organic materials. We have a mass selection of these pieces, as we know how much you love them. You’ll find wooden plugs, designs made out of stones, bones, and even glass. These are stunning and unique. You will most likely find one that’s to your liking.

Tunnels also come in the same materials as plugs: surgical steel, silicone, acrylic, and organic wood, stone, or bone. The designs are gorgeous and decorated with shiny stones, natural motifs, hangers, or even glitter. The options are endless. Some tunnels are only decorated on the inside, which makes for an extraordinary design.

Among other designs, you will find these pieces at Bodymod:

Colorful silicone tunnels

Glass design

Wooden plugs

Jewelry with opal stone


Tapers are used during the process of ear stretching or after, as piercing jewelry. They are either formed like a cone or a spiral, and one side is thinner than the other. They can be made of metals, like surgical steel, but usually, people use ones made of acrylic, as they are much lighter than the metal version. You can find many taper sets and different designs on Bodymod, such as these:

C-shape taper in stainless steel

Spiral tapers in all colors

Other types of stretching jewelry are Hangers & Weights. We have a handful of beautifully designed hangers made of organic materials, like wood, bone, horn, and pearls.

Fake stretching

Fake stretching jewelry is a useful tool if you want to see what a real gauge would look like in your ear. All you need is one earlobe hole to be able to insert the fake stretching jewelry, and you can see how you like it. We have fake plugs, fake spirals, and fake tapers in our fake stretching section.

Where to buy ear gauges

You can shop ear gauges, plugs, and tunnels online, at Bodymod. We have a massive collection of stretching jewelry with fascinating pieces, like these stainless steel locks, or this dragon-shaped taper made out of a horn. All designs are high quality, come in different sizes and colors, so you definitely will find the perfect piece of stretching jewelry at Bodymod.