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Hangers & Weights

Ear hangers and weights are large gauge earrings designed to use once you have stretched your ear lobes to the desired size. Hangers come in various styles, and typically they hang below the ear lobe. At Bodymod, we stock some extraordinary designs carved from wood, horn, and bone, but you can also choose other materials, like surgical steel, if you prefer heavier jewelry. You can find hangers and weights in many sizes, starting from 1.5 mm. For larger sizes, you can also sometimes use a design that is not quite as large as the stretched lobe but to avoid decreasing your gauge size; it’s good to wear your regular-sized plugs or tunnels in between uses.
Usually, our jewelry is sold per piece, but some of these pieces are sold in pairs due to the different designs used for the left and right ear. You can check under the “details” tab if the jewelry is sold as one piece or two pieces.