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Hangers and Weights

Stand out with these statement ear weights & hangers for stretching, available in various materials and colors


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Hangers and weights

Here we have a mixed category of two really cool piercing jewelry types, specifically for stretchings: ear hangers and weights. If you have a stretched earlobe piercing, these babies let you experiment with new looks and take your style to the next level. Their designs are some of the most diverse and eye-catching we know, and you can find them in several different materials, like horn or surgical steel. Browse our collection to discover the ones that are simply made for you - and get them soon with our quick delivery.

First of all, hangers and weights are alike because both types are larger, heavier adornments that grab everyone’s attention. If you’re looking for something to make your stretching look no less than out of this world, these will surely make that wish come true.

Ear Weight HangersEar Weight Hangers

What sets the two apart is an essential matter of function. Ear hangers are purely decorative and named after their vertical designs hanging down from your stretching, like a mysterious keyhole or dragon tail. This jewelry type is more ornate than most and offers many fantastic details for your admirers to explore. But a pendant, like a simple black prism, can also achieve the gorgeous hanger look. Go for whatever shows the real you.

Ear weights, on the other hand, have a more practical purpose. Although they also look great, they’re mostly worn to stretch your earlobe piercing in a new way. Not surprisingly, they get the name from their extra heft, which pulls the lobe down to create an elongated stretching hole. In this way, ear stretching weights give you a completely different tack to personalize your vibe further if you’re tired of the usual round piercing hole.

Ear HangersEar Hangers

Many weights are in the shape of a circular barbell, also known as a horseshoe, and they come in as many sizes as you can imagine. They are usually made of surgical steel for a good weight, but if you just fancy the circular barbell shape, you might love a neat acrylic version.

If you want to try something different for your stretching, whether some jaw-dropping treasures or a new approach to the piercing itself, ear hangers and weights are your next big adventure!

Ear WeightsEar Weights


What is the difference between ear weights and ear hangers?

While they seem similar at first glance, hangers and weights are worn for different reasons. Both make a fashion statement, of course, but only hangers tend to be worn for looks alone. Weights, while just as stunning, serve to change the shape of the piercing hole by developing the stretch in a downward direction. This produces a whole new expression for your stretching and looks fantastic.

How long should you wear ear hangers?

Large jewelry may look a little imposing if you’re not used to it, but they don’t make extra demands on you or your piercing. Hangers and weights can stay in your stretched lobe for as long as other stretching jewelry, like tapers, plugs and tunnels. That said, do be mindful about sleeping with big, heavy jewelry. You might not have any problems, but why risk a tear in your skin?

Are hangers good for stretching ears?

Hangers are characterized by their long shape and eye-popping designs, so it is not a given that they would be ideal for increasing your stretching size. Some are made of lightweight materials and don’t provide the pull needed for the task, as weights do. So, if you want to stretch your ear downwards, a weight is the way to go. But if you simply need a new statement piece, one of our beautiful hangers may be just the thing.